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Selection and evaluation of sequential extraction procedures for the determination of phosphorus forms in lake sediment.
In order to achieve comparable measurements in the determination of phosphate forms in freshwater sediments, the Standards, Measurements and Testing Programme (formerly BCR) of the EuropeanExpand
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An investigation of the origin and mobility of phosphorus in freshwater sediments from Bort-Les-Orgues Reservoir, France.
In order to assess the origin and the potential mobility of phosphorus (P) in the sediment of the Bort-Les-Orgues Reservoir, France, two sequential extraction schemes, i.e., the SMT (modifiedExpand
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Origin and mobility of heavy metals in contaminated sediments from retention and infiltration ponds
Abstract The metal content of sediments from 4 ponds representative of contrasting environments and design was determined through speciation studies using both sequential chemical extraction andExpand
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Development of a harmonised phosphorus extraction procedure and certification of a sediment reference material.
A harmonised procedure for the determination of the forms of phosphorus in freshwater sediments, developed in the frame of the European Programme, Standards, Measurements and Testing (SMT) has beenExpand
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Characterisation of complex organic matter present in contaminated sediments from water retention ponds
Abstract The aim of the present work is the study of the complex organic matter present in sediments from two retention ponds, Wissous located in an urban area and Chevire receiving road runoff. TheExpand
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Attrition efficiency in the decontamination of stormwater sediments
Abstract The purpose of this research is to propose a laboratory method based on attrition and sieving for the treatment of runoff water sediments in the aim of developing a pilot unit. The attritionExpand
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Characterization of atmospheric deposition and runoff water in a small suburban catchment
A study has been carried out as part of the mission assigned to IRSTV (Research Institute of Urban Sciences and Techniques), a federative research network supported by the Loire Valley Region, withExpand
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Characterisation of road sediments near Bordeaux with emphasis on phosphorus.
Road sediments from the region of Bordeaux (France) were analysed for trace metals, hydrocarbons (including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, PAHs) and phosphorus. The aim of the study was to assessExpand
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Sediment phosphorus and internal phosphate flux in the hydroelectric reservoir of Bort-les-Orgues, France
The hydroelectric reservoir of Bort-les-Orgues (France) plays an important role in regional tourism. However this function is under threat because the lake is likely to become eutrophic. ExternalExpand
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Pollutant concentrations and fluxes in both stormwater and wastewater at the outlet of two urban watersheds in Nantes (France)
A two-year study of pollutants in both the stormwater and wastewater of urban watersheds has been conducted in Nantes (France). The present paper discusses the characteristics of pollutantsExpand
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