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Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Physiological Systems
Introduction to computer-based partial differential equation (PDE) modeling for automatic process control . Expand
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Computer simulation studies of the venous circulation.
An analog computer model of the human cardiovascular system has been set up in which detailed attention is given to the representation of pressure and flow events in the veins, including effects of gravity, collapse, breathing, and the action of venous valves. Expand
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Computer modeling of the human systemic arterial tree.
A model of the human systemic arterial tree has been devised, based on a lumped-parameter-circuit approximate form. Expand
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A Model for Design of a Blood Pressure Controller for Hypertensive Patients
A model of the arterial blood pressure and its response to nitroprusside is necessary for computer-aided design and evaluation of an adaptive controller. Expand
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Control system performance measures: Past, present, and future
An increased amount of emphasis on the mathematical formulation of control system performance can be found in recent literature on automatic control. There are two areas of control system theory inExpand
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Difference-differential equations for fluid flow in distensible tubes.
The solution by Womersley of the Navier-Stokes equations for fluid flow in distensible tubes has been most useful to students of hemodynamics. However, this solution requires linearization, and,Expand
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Automatic control of anesthesia using two feedback variables
A new controller of anON/OFF type was implemented for halothane anesthesia. A proportional-plus-integral controller with time-delay compensation proved not to be robust enough for the known clinicalExpand
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Measurement of Nonlinearity in the Arterial System of the Dog by a New Method
One method of measurement of the nonlinearity of a vascular system is to apply a sinusoidal input perfusion flow and to examine the resultant pressures and flows at the input and elsewhere in theExpand
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The use of multiple models in cardiovascular system studies: transport and perturbation methods.
  • J. Beneken, V. Rideout
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering
  • 1 October 1968
Computer models of the circulation, based on lumped circuit approximations, may be used for simulation studies of its pulsatile pressure, flow, and volume interrelationships. Expand
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