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Communication in the classroom: Power and motivation
The goal of the present study was to determine which power bases and Behavior Alteration Techniques have positive, negative, and no association with student motivation toward studying course content.Expand
The Relationship Between Selected Immediacy Behaviors and Cognitive Learning
LEARNING, particularly that which takes place in the traditional classroom setting, is an interactional process. Although curricular decisions, materials development, the organization of lectures,Expand
Communication: Apprehension, Avoidance, and Effectiveness
All chapters conclude with "Discussion Questions" and "Activities." Preface. 1.An Overview of Human Communication. Definition of Human Communication. Components of the Human Communication Process.Expand
Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations
Chapter 1: Communication and Nonverbal Behavior Myths about Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal versus Verbal Messages Intentionality and Nonverbal Communication Culture and Nonverbal CommunicationExpand
Toward a general model of instructional communication
A general model of instructional communication is advanced and the linkages of four components in the model are tested. Data were drawn from college teachers and college students through aExpand
This paper reports the development of a measure of perceived homophily. In both an initial investigation and in four subsequent studies employing samples from diverse populations, four dimensions ofExpand
Development of the nonverbal immediacy scale (NIS): Measures of self‐and other‐perceived nonverbal immediacy
In recent years nonverbal immediacy has received considerable attention from researchers concerned with instructional communication, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication.Expand
Reliability and Separation of Factors on the Assertiveness-Responsiveness Measure
Assertiveness and responsiveness of 102 men and 122 women in college were internally reliable (.88 and .93) and uncorrelated (−.027) factors of self-reported personality style.
Analysis and Improvement of the Measurement of Interpersonal Attraction and Homophily
Three decades ago measures of interpersonal attraction and homophily were introduced to the field. A substantial number of research studies have been reported that employed one or more of theseExpand
Nonverbal immediacy and cognitive learning: A cross‐cultural investigation
The current research was based on data drawn from the cultures of Australia, Finland, and Puerto Rico as well as the dominant United States culture. The direction of the relationship betweenExpand