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Nitrate and nitrite in biology, nutrition and therapeutics.
The latest advances in the understanding of the biochemistry, physiology and therapeutics of nitrate, nitrite and NO were discussed during a recent 2-day meeting at the Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Expand
NO-synthase and nitrite-reductase components of nitric oxide cycle.
The existence of nitric oxide cycle in mammals is substantiated and provides the cyclic transformation as follows: L-arginine --> NO --> NO2-/NO3- --> NO. Expand
Nitric Oxide Cycle in Mammals and the Cyclicity Principle
A hypothesis that the cyclic organization of processes in living organisms and the biosphere reflects the evolution of life is proposed: the development of physiological functions and metabolism are suggested to be closely related to space and evolution of the Earth as a planet of the Solar System. Expand
Autoantibodies to Glutamate Receptors and Products of Nitric Oxide Metabolism in Serum in Children in the Acute Phase of Craniocerebral Trauma
Serum concentrations of NO metabolites increased by large factors in the group of children with SCCT, indicating marked brain hypoxia, and increases in serum aAb to both AMPA and NMDA receptor subtypes from day 1 to day 10 after trauma. Expand
[The biomedical aspects of nitric oxide cycles and of the superoxide anion radical].
  • V. Reutov
  • Medicine
  • Vestnik Rossiiskoi akademii meditsinskikh nauk
  • 2000
The paper presents a concept of the cycles of nitric oxide and superoxide radical anion and discusses the biomedical aspects of these cycles and suggests that the mechanism of the cycle shows the naturally latent regularity and assigns a meaning to orderliness in the system of free radical compounds. Expand
FROM THE HISTORY OF PHYSICS: How in the 20th century physicists, chemists and biologists answered the question: what is life?
The most essential achievements in 20th century biology are analyzed and the question of how throughout the last century physicists, chemists and biologists answered the question "What is life?" isExpand
Gasotransmitters: Physiological Role and Involvement in the Pathogenesis of the Diseases.
It is suggested that the cyclic organization of gasotransmitters in the cells and the whole body can be due to the existence of a global principle of cyclicity, which can spread its influence on almost all the structural and functional levels in the animate and inanimate nature. Expand
[S100B protein and autoantibodies to S100B protein in diagnostics of brain damage in craniocerebral trauma in children].
The maximal level of S100B protein and increased levels of AB were observed in patients with fatal outcome and in most patients with combined TBI, the levels of both parameters were higher compared to those with separate TBI. Expand
Changes in ATP content in cerebellar granule cells during hyperstimulation of glutamate receptors: Possible role of NO and nitrite ions
It was found that hyperstimulation of glutamate receptors elevates concentration of NO products (nitrites and nitrates), while NO2− ions can increase ATP content, and inhibition of NO-synthase with L-NAME during glutamate application resulted in less pronounced decrease in ATP level immediately after its application. Expand
Comparative Analysis of Plasticity of Neuro-neuronal and Neuroglial Encapsulating Interactions of Molecular Layer of Isolated Frog Cerebellum Exposed to ExcessL-Glutamate and NO-Generating Compound
This work compared neuro-neuronal and neuroglial encapsulating plasticity interactions under experimental conditions simulating extremal regimens of cerebellar function using excess Glu and nitric oxide in vitro, because these compounds are tightly functionally related to and play a key role in functioning PF–PC synapses. Expand