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Arachne: A Portable Threads System Supporting Migrant Threads on Heterogeneous Network Farms
We present the design and implementation of Arachne, a threads system that can be interfaced with a communications library for multithreaded distributed computations. Expand
Yet another application of a binomial recurrence order statistics
We investigate the moments of the maximum of a set of i.i.d geometric random variables. Expand
High Performance Software Testing on SIMD Machines
A method for high-performance software testing, called mutant unification, is described. Expand
Ariadne: Architecture of a Portable Threads System Supporting Thread Migration
A layered, C‐based software architecture for multi‐threaded distributed computing on a variety of platforms. Expand
Ariadne: Architecture of a Portable Threads system supporting Mobile Processes
This paper presents the design and implementation of Ariadne: a layered, C-based software architecture for multi-threaded computing on a variety of platfonns. Expand
ParaSol: a multithreaded system for parallel simulation based on mobile threads
ParaSol is a novel multithreaded system for shared-and distributed-memory parallel simulation, designed to support a variety of domain-specific simulation object libraries. Expand
Exploiting Parallelism Across Program Execution: A Unification Technique and Its Analysis
  • V. Rego, A. Mathur
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Parallel Distributed Syst.
  • 1 October 1990
A new technique for source-to-source transformation of sequential programs is described. Expand
A Time/Structure Based Model for Estimating Software Reliability
We propose a class of time/structure based models which extend the existing time-based models by using the notion of useless testing eeort. Expand
Concurrency Enhancement through Program Unification: A Performance Analysis
We construct stochastic urn models of program execution for small configurations. Expand
Perils Of Software Reliability Modeling
Using arguments based on an analysis of the state of the art in the field of software reliability estimation and related practice, we warn practitioners that the road to reliability estimation is fraught with peril. Expand