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A new BIS-Andrographolide Ether from Andrographis paniculata Nees and evaluation of anti-HIV activity
Nine compounds isolated from the aerial parts of Andrographis paniculata and their structures were established by spectral data and all the isolates were tested for the anti-HIV and cytotoxic activity. Expand
Three new ingol diterpenes from Euphorbia nivulia: evaluation of cytotoxic activity.
The latex of Euphorbia nivulia afforded three new ingol diterpenes that were established by means of spectroscopic analysis and evaluated for their cytotoxic activity. Expand
A Novel Ceramide from the Indian Marine Sponge Fasciospongia Cavernosa †
A new ceramide 1, has been isolated along with a known compound 3,6-diacetoxy-cholest-7-en-3β,5α,6β-triol (2) from a marine sponge Fasciospongia cavernosa collected off the Mandapam coast in the GulfExpand
Macrocyclic diterpenes from Euphorbia nivulia.
The latex of Euphorbia nivulia afforded two ingol diterpenes 3, 12-diacetyl-8-benzoylingol and 3,12-diefentyl-7-benzinzoyl- 8-nicotinylingol, which were assigned on the basis of their structural data as well as their acetylated products to LPS induced PGE(2) inhibition activity. Expand
An immunosuppressive tryptophan-derived alkaloid from Lepidagathis cristata.
An immunosuppressive, tryptophan-derived alkaloid cristatin A (1), and two known compounds, cycloartenol and stigmasta-5,11(12)-diene-3 beta-ol, were isolated from the whole plant LepidagathisExpand
Inhibitory activity of homoisoflavonoids from Caesalpinia sappan against Beauveria bassiana.
Four homoisoflavonoids isolated from Caesalpinia sappan were tested for inhibitory activity against Beauveria bassiana and compound 1 showed activity against this fungus. Expand
A new triterpenoid from the fern Adiantum lunulatum and evaluation of antibacterial activity.
A new triterpenoid, 22,29xi-epoxy-30-norhopane-13beta-ol (1) was isolated together with six known compounds and their structures were elucidated by means of spectroscopic analysis and antibacterial evaluation of these compounds were conducted. Expand
Pyrazole alkaloids from Elytraria acaulis.
Zeolite Catalyzed Synthesis of bis (Indolyl) Methanes
Abstract HY-Zeolite is found to be a versatile catalyst for the electrophilic substitution reaction of indoles with carbonyl compounds to afford the corresponding bis(indolyl) methanes in goodExpand
New Sesquiterpenoid from the Soft Coral Sinularia dissecta
In continuation of our interest in the bioactive secondary metabolites from the marine organisms, we examined the soft coral Sinularia dissecta Tixier Durivault (Afcyoniidae) collected from theExpand