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Suicidal ideation in adolescence: Depression, substance use, and other risk factors
The interrelationships of depression and suicide with adolescent drug use, delinquency, eating disorders, and the risk factors for these different problems were investigated among 597 9th and 11thExpand
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"I'm not going to die from the AIDS": resilience in aging with HIV disease.
PURPOSE Adults aging with HIV/AIDS can experience resilience in spite of the deleterious affects of the disease. This study seeks to examine the lived experiences of older adults with HIV/AIDS as itExpand
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Children's Psychological Distress Following the Death of a Parent
The death of a parent in childhood represents a profound psychological insult. Although a number of studies have examined rates of depression and anxiety in bereaved children, less attention has beenExpand
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The stressfulness of daily social roles for women: marital, occupational and household roles.
An anion exchange is carried out between an aqueous solution of a hydroxylamine salt and an organic solution of a formiate of an amine which is insoluble in water in accordance with the reaction:Expand
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Adjustment of children facing the death of a parent due to cancer.
OBJECTIVE To compare predeath and postdeath levels of depression and anxiety reported by a sample of children who lost a parent to cancer ("study children") with the levels reported by children in aExpand
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Factors associated with HIV-infected women's delay in seeking medical care.
Data from an investigation of HIV-infected African-American, Puerto Rican and non-Hispanic white women's treatment behaviour and decision-making are presented. Findings are based on a thematicExpand
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Health advocacy organizations and the pharmaceutical industry: an analysis of disclosure practices.
Health advocacy organizations (HAOs) are influential stakeholders in health policy. Although their advocacy tends to closely correspond with the pharmaceutical industry's marketing aims, theExpand
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Existential plight of adult daughters following their mother's breast cancer diagnosis
Daughters caring for a mother with breast cancer represent a vulnerable population. They are confronted with having to integrate their emotional reactions to their mother's illness whileExpand
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Correlates of depressive symptomatology among adult daughter caregivers of a parent with cancer
As a consequence of advances and changes in the detection and treatment of cancer, increasing demands are being placed on familial caregivers of elderly cancer patients. Understanding the factorsExpand
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Patient reports of symptoms and their treatment at three palliative care projects servicing individuals with HIV/AIDS.
Self-reports of 32 symptoms and their treatments were obtained from patients of three palliative care programs that provide services to seriously ill HIV patients (>or=95% AIDS) in Alabama (n=47),Expand
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