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Aqueous biphasic treatment of some nitrocompounds with hydrogen in the presence of a biogenerated Pd-polysaccharide.
A strain of Klebsiella oxytoca BAS-10, known to produce a specific exopolysaccharide (EPS), when grown aerobically in static mode in the presence of Pd(NO3)2, generated the species Pd-EPS that wasExpand
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Novel iron and gallium salts of Aquivion® PFSA: Synthesis, characterization and some catalytic applications
Abstract The objective of this study was to prepare, characterize and test the catalytic properties of iron and gallium salts of Aquivion ® PFSA (hereinafter Aquivion-H). The samples wereExpand
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Selective reduction of halo-nitro aromatic compounds using [Rh]/DHTANa as catalyst in an aqueous bi-phase system
Abstract The use of water as co-solvent for biphasic reactions and of easily recyclable water-soluble catalysts are highly desirable for the realization of greener processes. The selective reductionExpand
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Design and Development of Affiliate Tracking Application for Real-Time Price Comparison on E-Commerce Platform
There is a huge necessity of E-commerce websites in day to day life. The business-to-consumer aspect of ecommerce is the most visible business use of World Wide Web. Electronic Commerce, known asExpand
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Aqueous-phase hydrogenation and hydroformylation reactions catalyzed by a new water-soluble (rhodium)-thioligand complex
Abstract Rh(DHTANa) is a new water-soluble catalyst easily obtained by mixing in water the catalytic precursor [Rh(COD)Cl] 2 and the dihydrothioctic acid sodium salt (DHTANa). This catalyst showed toExpand
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Palladium catalyzed carbonylations: a useful tool for the synthesis of Fine Chemicals
S BOOK PLENARY, KEYNOTE, ORAL & POSTER O15: Catalysis 4 Tuesday – October, 6 2nd EuCheMS Congress on Green and Sustainable Chemistry 100 O15-2 Palladium catalyzed carbonylations: a useful tool forExpand
A Low Rhodium Content Smart Catalyst for Hydrogenation and Hydroformylation Reactions
This paper describes the preparation, broad characterization and study of activity in hydrogenation and hydroformylation reactions of an easily produced 0.18% Rh/Al2O3. Analytical studies on freshExpand