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Assessment of evapotranspiration estimation models for use in semi-arid environments
Abstract Limited information exists on reliable estimates of evapotranspiration (ETo), to be used as forecasts, to achieve high irrigation water use efficiency in semi-arid environment, particularlyExpand
Development of key soil health indicators for the Australian banana industry
There were significant interactions between physical, chemical and nematode community measurements in the soil, particularly with soil C measurements, confirming the need for a holistic set of indicators to aid soil management. Expand
The impact of deforestation and pasture abandonment on soil properties in the wet tropics of Australia
Abstract Limited information exists on the changes in soil properties, particularly from the wet tropics of Australia, under long-term abandoned pasture, which was previously grazed and wasExpand
Impact of biological clogging agents on filter and emitter discharge characteristics of microirrigation systems
Water application efficiency of microirrigation systems (MIS) may depend, at least partially, on algae and protozoa (biological clogging agents, BCAs) induced filter and emitter clogging. In thisExpand
Response functions for grain yield from spring-sown wheat grown in saline rooting media
Farmers often request information about the salt tolerances of their crops. Field tests in saline soils can provide qualitative assessments; but because of natural variability, these tests cannotExpand
The impact of saline water irrigation management options in a dune sand on available soil water and its salinity
Abstract In this study the effect of two levels of irrigation input, each at two frequencies, were assessed on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) grain yield as impacted by available soil waterExpand
Environmental benefits inferred from impact of reforestation of deforested creek bank on soil conditioning: a case study in Victoria, Australia
Information regarding changes in soil condition after reforestation may help in inferring environmental and ecosystem benefits. A case study was undertaken in Victoria State, Australia, toExpand
Banana root and soil health project - Australia.
The use of a basic set of soil quality indicators that can be readily used by farmers, was linked to soil nematode indicators to determine relationships between soil properties to allow continual improvement in soil management to allow banana production to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Expand
Reliable on-ground information on groundwater (GW) hydraulic heterogeneity is required to determine flow direction and quantities, but its experimental characterization is difficult because of theExpand
Application of Gypsum and Polyacrylamide to Combat Soil Erosion
Tottori soil samples were treated with the appropriate solution to achieve four levels of exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP). Soil samples were mixed with powdered PAM or gypsum alone or with aExpand