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Access to Counsel
Employment discrimination claimants in general, and racial minority claimants in particular, disproportionately lack access to legal counsel. When employment discrimination claimants lack counsel,Expand
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The immigrant labeling effect: The role of immigrant group labels in prejudice against noncitizens
Five experiments (N = 2,251) and a meta-analysis examine how group labels shape Americans’ levels of prejudice, behavioral intentions, and policy preferences toward immigrants living in the USExpand
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Taboo Procedural Tradeoffs: Examining How the Public Experiences Tradeoffs Between Procedural Justice and Cost
Fairness is a foundational concept in American jurisprudence. Yet when evaluating our system of civil procedure, debate surrounds how to reconcile the competing ends of our civil justice system.Expand
The Ethical Practice of Human-Centered Civil Justice Design
Over the past two decades, legal professionals have increasingly engaged in a new form of professional activity: civil justice design. In the past, legal professionals handled cases and transactionsExpand
Alteracion en la vegetacion endemica por fuegos, en el macizo montañoso mas extenso de la Cordillera costera en la zona mediterranea de Chile
En la Region Metropolitana de Santiago de Chile se localiza el cordon montanoso mas extenso de la Cordillera de la Costa de Chile mediterraneo, denominado Altos de Cantillana, con una altitud deExpand
Law, Society, and Psychological Science
Judicial Mindsets: The Social Psychology of Implicit Theories and the Law
This article introduces Dr. Carol Dweck’s seminal and significant line of psychological research on the phenomenon of implicit theories and draws on this research as a lens through which we mightExpand
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A Five-Year Retroactive Analysis of Cut Score Impact: California’s Proposed Supervised Provisional License Program
A five-year cohort of 39,737 examinees who sat for the California Bar Exam (“CBX”) between 2014-18 was analyzed using a simulation model based on actual exam results to evaluate how the minimumExpand