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Astrophysics of cosmic rays
Editor's preface. I. The astrophysics of cosmic rays (general review). II. General information on cosmic rays and on the interstellar medium. III. The proton-nuclear component of cosmic rays in the
Cosmic-Ray Propagation and Interactions in the Galaxy
We survey the theory and experimental tests for the propagation of cosmic rays in the Galaxy up to energies of 10 15 eV. A guide to the previous reviews and essential literature is given, followed by
On the spectrum of high-energy cosmic rays produced by supernova remnants in the presence of strong cosmic-ray streaming instability and wave dissipation
The cosmic-ray streaming instability creates strong magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the precursor of a SN shock. The level of turbulence determines the maximum energy of cosmic-ray particles
Dissipation of magnetohydrodynamic waves on energetic particles : Impact on interstellar turbulence and cosmic-ray transport
The physical processes involved in diffusion of Galactic cosmic rays in the interstellar medium are addressed. We study the possibility that the nonlinear MHD cascade sets the power-law spectrum of
Diffusive Shock Acceleration with Magnetic Amplification by Nonresonant Streaming Instability in Supernova Remnants
We investigate the diffusive shock acceleration in the presence of the nonresonant streaming instability introduced by Bell. The numerical MHD simulations of the magnetic field amplification combined
Limits on diffusive shock acceleration in supernova remnants in the presence of cosmic-ray streaming instability and wave dissipation
The instability in the cosmic-ray precursor of a supernova shock moving in interstellar medium is studied. The level of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in this region determines the maximum energy of
The Modified Weighted Slab Technique: Models and Results
In an attempt to understand the source and propagation of Galactic cosmic rays, we have employed the modified weighted slab technique along with recent values of the relevant cross sections to
Clusters of Galaxies as Storage Room for Cosmic Rays
It is demonstrated that clusters of galaxies are able to keep cosmic rays for a time exceeding the age of the universe. This phenomenon reveals itself by the production of the diffuse flux of
Additional acceleration of cosmic rays in the interstellar medium
The effects of reacceleration on cosmic rays have been studied over a wide charge and energy range using a model of reacceleration by the interstellar turbulence. We take into account only inevitable
On the Origin of Cosmic Rays: Some Problems in High-Energy Astrophysics
This paper reviews the present state of the problem of the origin of cosmic rays. Primary attention is paid to galactic diffusion models with a halo, and questions of cosmic-ray chemical composition,