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Toward an internally consistent pressure scale
Our ability to interpret seismic observations including the seismic discontinuities and the density and velocity profiles in the earth's interior is critically dependent on the accuracy of pressure
Spin state of ferric iron in MgSiO3 perovskite and its effect on elastic properties
Abstract Recent studies have indicated that a significant amount of iron in MgSiO 3 perovskite (Pv) is Fe 3+ (Fe 3+ /ΣFe = 10–60%) due to crystal chemistry effects at high pressure ( P ) and that Fe
Electronic spin state of iron in lower mantle perovskite.
  • Jie Li, V. Struzhkin, +7 authors G. Shen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 28 September 2004
Experimental evidence for spin-pairing transition in aluminum-bearing silicate perovskite (Mg,Fe)(Si,Al)O(3) under the lower mantle pressures is presented and it is demonstrated that as pressure increases, iron in perovkite transforms gradually from the initial high- spin state toward the final low-spin state.
Ferromagnesian postperovskite silicates in the D'' layer of the Earth.
  • W. Mao, G. Shen, +6 authors H. Mao
  • Materials Science, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 9 November 2004
With the liquid core as an unlimited reservoir of iron, core-mantle reactions could further enrich the iron content in this phase and explain the intriguing seismic signatures observed in the D'' layer.
Intermediate-spin ferrous iron in lower mantle perovskite
Iron has the ability to adopt different electronic configurations, and transitions in its spin state in the lower mantle can significantly influence mantle properties and dynamics. Experimental
Superconductivity at 250 K in lanthanum hydride under high pressures
A lanthanum hydride compound at a pressure of around 170 gigapascals is found to exhibit superconductivity with a critical temperature of 250 kelvin, the highest critical temperature that has been confirmed so far in a superconducting material.
Spin transition and equations of state of (Mg, Fe)O solid solutions
[1] We have performed a series of experiments to investigate the compositional effect on the compression behavior of (Mg, Fe)O solid solutions at high pressure. The in-situ synchrotron X-ray
Effect of Fe on the equation of state of mantle silicate perovskite over 1 Mbar
Abstract In order to investigate the effect of Fe on the equation of state (EOS), the volume of the perovskite (Pv) phases, (Mg1−xFex)SiO3, with different Fe contents ( x = 0 , 0.09, 0.15), has been
DIOPTAS: a program for reduction of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction data and data exploration
Dioptas is a Python-based program for on-the-fly data processing and exploration of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction area detector data, specifically designed for the large amount of data collected at XRD beamlines at synchrotrons.
High pressure effects on the iron–iron oxide and nickel–nickel oxide oxygen fugacity buffers
The chemical potential of oxygen in natural and experimental samples is commonly reported relative to a specific oxygen fugacity (fO{sub 2}) buffer. These buffers are precisely known at 1 bar, but