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BDNF Regulates the Maturation of Inhibition and the Critical Period of Plasticity in Mouse Visual Cortex
Maturation of the visual cortex is influenced by visual experience during an early postnatal period. The factors that regulate such a critical period remain unclear. We examined the maturation andExpand
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Requirement of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor β2 subunit for the anatomical and functional development of the visual system
In the mammalian visual system the formation of eye-specific layers at the thalamic level depends on retinal waves of spontaneous activity, which rely on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor activation.Expand
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Axons of retinal ganglion cells are insulted in the optic nerve early in DBA/2J glaucoma
Here, we use a mouse model (DBA/2J) to readdress the location of insult(s) to retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) in glaucoma. We localize an early sign of axon damage to an astrocyte-rich region of theExpand
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The visual physiology of the wild type mouse determined with pattern VEPs
Genetically manipulated mice are important tools for studies on plasticity and degeneration/regeneration in the visual system. However, a description of the basic properties of the visual performanceExpand
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Morphological and Functional Abnormalities in the Inner Retina of the rd/rd Mouse
We investigated the effects of photoreceptor degeneration on the anatomy and physiology of inner retinal neurons in a mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa, the retinal degeneration (rd) mutant mouse.Expand
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Remodeling of second-order neurons in the retina of rd/rd mutant mice
This is a brief review of data obtained by analyzing the morphology and the physiology of the retinas in rd/rd and normal, wt mice, aged 10-90 days. Second-order neurons of the rd/rd showExpand
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Lack of cortical contrast gain control in human photosensitive epilepsy
Television and video games may be powerful triggers for visually induced epileptic seizures. To better understand the triggering elements of visual stimuli and cortical mechanisms ofExpand
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Radiation treatment inhibits monocyte entry into the optic nerve head and prevents neuronal damage in a mouse model of glaucoma.
Glaucoma is a common ocular disorder that is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. It is characterized by the dysfunction and loss of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs). Although many studies haveExpand
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Normative data for a user-friendly paradigm for pattern electroretinogram recording.
PURPOSE To provide normative data for a user-friendly paradigm for the pattern electroretinogram (PERG) optimized for glaucoma screening (PERGLA). DESIGN Prospective nonrandomized case series. Expand
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Visual Ageing: Unspecific Decline of the Responses to Luminance and Colour
We have investigated whether ageing affects selectively the responses to equiluminant patterns of pure colour contrast. In two groups of subjects (mean ages 29 and 72 yr) contrast thresholds wereExpand
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