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The results of calculations of the fluxes of charged particles and atmospheric neutrinos are discussed. Results on charged particles are compared with the AMS measurements.
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Comparative analysis of estimates of neutron radiative capture cross sections for the most important fission products
ConclusionsWe have reevaluated the neutron capture cross sections of the most important fission products in the neutron energy range from 1 to 1000 keV, taking account of the most recent experimentalExpand
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Neutron data library for transactinides at energies up to 100 MeV
New neutron data library for transactinides is briefly described. The library includes evaluated crosssections for fission and threshold neutron induced reactions for isotopes of U, Np and Pu atExpand
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Applicability of the statistical theory to describing cross sections of (n, xn) and (n, xnf) reactions in fissile nuclei
Simple formulas for calculating the (n, xn) and (n, xnf) cross sections in heavy nuclei are obtained using the statistical theory and the exciton model of pre-equilibrium decay. It is shown that theExpand
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Level-density parameters in the back-shifted Fermi gas model
The parameters a and δeff appearing in the back-shifted Fermi gas model are determined for about 3000 nuclei on the basis of modern estimated experimental data and the proposed systematics. For 272Expand
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Evaluation of nuclear data for transuranium elements in the intermediate energy region
Abstract A semi-empirical method of reaction cross-section evaluation for fissile nuclei irradiated by particles with the energy up to 100 MeV is presented. Using this method fission reactionExpand
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Interactive Information System on the Nuclear Physics Properties of Nuclides and Radioactive Decay Chains
A brief review is given of a computerized information system on the nuclear physics properties of nuclides and radioactive decay chains. The main difference between the system presented here andExpand