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Is E-Government Leading to More Accountable and Transparent Local Governments? An Overall View
This paper seeks to assess to what extent e-government enables accountability and transparency in EU local governments. It also provides an overall view about how local governments are implementingExpand
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Creating Wine: the Emergence of a World Industry, 1840-1914
modesty but Reichl’s tales are orders of magnitude more entertaining. Organizationally and structurally, the book is unsatisfactory. ‘I feel that the various parts of this book may not alwaysExpand
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The effect of globalisation on water consumption: A case study of the Spanish virtual water trade, 1849–1935
This paper aims to analyse the impact on water consumption of trade expansion in the first era of globalisation. To that end, we have chosen the case of Spain, a semi-arid country with significantExpand
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What’s in the annual database of Global Wine Markets, 1835 to 2016?
This paper documents a new, unique annual database of global wine markets covering 1835 to 2016. The database expands enormously the opportunities for conducting studies on wine production,Expand
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The agricultural and food trade in the first globalisation: Spanish table wine exports 1871 to 1935 – a case study
The objective of the present study is to analyze the overall trajectory of Spanish table wine exports during the period 1871–1935 and provide convincing explanations of the pattern. Thus, we employExpand
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Is there an environmental Kuznets curve for water use? A panel smooth transition regression approach
This paper presents an analysis of the relationship between per capita water use and per capita income for 65 countries, over the period 1962–2008, within the framework of the so-called environmentalExpand
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Factors driving embodied carbon in international trade: a multiregional input–output gravity model
ABSTRACT Concerns about the effects and consequences of climate change have notably increased in recent decades. Despite large advances in the understanding of this phenomenon, further research intoExpand
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The development of irrigated agriculture in twentieth-century Spain : a case study of the Ebro basin
This paper describes the transformation wrought by irrigated agriculture in the Ebro Basin (Spain’s largest river system) during the twentieth century. Irrigation in this area is both relativelyExpand
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Reducing Depopulation in Rural Spain: The Impact of Immigration
The attraction of foreign-born immigrants to rural areas in developed countries has aroused growing interest in recent years. The central issue in this study is the demographic impact of immigrationExpand
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Causes of world trade growth in agricultural and food products, 1951–2000: a demand function approach
The objective of the present study is to analyse the causes of the growth of international agricultural and food trade in volume terms from 1951 to 2000. The results suggest that income growth hasExpand
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