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Boundary conditions in rational conformal field theories
We develop further the theory of RationalConformalFieldTheories (RCFTs) on a cylinder with specified boundaryconditions emphasizing the role of a triplet of algebras: the Verlinde, graph fusion andExpand
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Generalised twisted partition functions
Abstract We consider the set of partition functions that result from the insertion of twist operators compatible with conformal invariance in a given 2D conformal field theory (CFT). A consistencyExpand
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The many faces of Ocneanu cells
We define generalised chiral vertex operators covariant under the Ocneanu ``double triangle algebra'' ${\cal A}\,$ a novel quantum symmetry intrinsic to a given rational 2-d conformal field theory.Expand
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Boundary Conditions in Rational Conformal Field Theories
We develop further the theory of Rational Conformal Field Theories (RCFTs) on a cylinder with specified boundary conditions emphasizing the role of a triplet of algebras: the Verlinde, graph fusionExpand
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All positive energy unitary irreducible representations of extended conformal supersymmetry
We give the list of all positive energy UIR's of the conformal superalgebra su(2, 2N). They are realized as subrepresentations of elementary representations. The latter are induced from irreducibleExpand
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From CFT to graphs
In this paper, we pursue the discussion of the connections between rational conformal field theories (CFT) and graphs. We generalise our recent work on the relations of operator product algebra (OPA)Expand
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Dynamical derivation of vacuum operator-product expansion in Euclidean conformal quantum field theory
An expansion of the type $sub 0$ = $sub 0$ $sub 0$ + $Sigma$/sub chi/l C$sup 2$(chi/subl/) $Integral$ (dp) Q/sup chi/l (x$sub 1$,x$sub 2$;-p) w/sub chi/l(p) Q/sup chi//subl/(p;x$sub 3$,... x/subn/)Expand
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Clinical characteristics, treatment patterns, and socio-economic burden of COPD in Bulgaria
Abstract Background: While the impact of COPD in Western-Europe is known, data from Eastern-Europe is scarce. This study aimed to evaluate clinical characteristics, treatment patterns, and theExpand
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Determinant Formula for the Octagon Form Factor in N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory.
We present a closed expression for the octagon form factor which appears as a building block in a class of four-point correlation functions in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory considered recentlyExpand
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Conformal Field Theories, Graphs and Quantum Algebras
This article reviews some recent progress in our understanding of the structure of rational conformal field theories, based on ideas that originate for a large part in the work of A. Ocneanu. TheExpand
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