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Generation of sub-three-cycle, 16 TW light pulses by using noncollinear optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification.
We present a two-stage noncollinear optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification system that generates 7.9 fs pulses containing 130 mJ of energy at an 805 nm central wavelength and 10 Hz repetitionExpand
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Controlled near-field enhanced electron acceleration from dielectric nanospheres with intense few-cycle laser fields
A demonstration of attosecond control of the motion and directed emission of electrons from individual silica nanoparticles using few-cycle laser fields opens new possibilities to manipulateExpand
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Intense 1.5-cycle near infrared laser waveforms and their use for the generation of ultra-broadband soft-x-ray harmonic continua
We demonstrate sub-millijoule-energy, sub-4?fs-duration near-infrared laser pulses with a controlled waveform comprised of approximately 1.5 optical cycles within the full-width at half-maximumExpand
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Laser review: Basic concepts and current status of the Petawatt Field Synthesizer: a new approach to ultrahigh field generation (「高強度レーザーの時間・空間制御技術の新展開」特集号)
Optical parametric amplification (OPA) has opened a path towards a completely new regime of generating ultrashort, high-power laser pulses, that reaches well beyond the limits of conventional laserExpand
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Attosecond Control and Measurement: Lightwave Electronics
Electrons emit light, carry electric current, and bind atoms together to form molecules. Insight into and control of their atomic-scale motion are the key to understanding the functioning ofExpand
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Energy scaling of Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillators.
Geometric scaling of a Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:YAG thin-disk oscillator yields femtosecond pulses with an average output power of 270 W. The scaled system delivers femtosecond (210-330 fs) pulsesExpand
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Dispersion management for a sub-10-fs, 10 TW optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier.
We report the amplification of three-cycle, 8.5 fs optical pulses in a near-infrared noncollinear optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier (OPCPA) up to energies of 80 mJ. Improved dispersionExpand
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Powerful 100-fs-scale Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillator.
We have recently demonstrated a simple power scaling procedure for Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillators. Here we report on the extension of this scheme to a broadband high-peak-power thin-diskExpand
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Optimal pulse compression in long hollow fibers.
The spectral broadening performance of 1 m and 3 m long hollow fibers are compared. The 3 m capillary clearly outperforms the 1 m one in terms of both transmission and achievable spectral broadening.Expand
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16 fs, 350 nJ pulses at 5 MHz repetition rate delivered by chirped pulse compression in fibers.
We demonstrate a simple approach for broadening and compression of intense pulses at megahertz repetition rates by self-phase modulation in nonlinear photonic crystal fibers. In order to avoid damageExpand
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