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How anion and cation species influence the tribology of a green lubricant based on ionic liquids
A group of halide-free ionic liquids involving two different anions (methyl sulfate and methyl sulfonate) and four types of cations (short-chain tetraalkylammonium, dialkylpyrrolidinium, choline, andExpand
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Pyridinium based dicationic ionic liquids as base lubricants or lubricant additives
Abstract A series of eight new dicationic ionic liquids incorporating polyethylene glycol chains linking two N-alkylpyridinium moieties through rings position 2, were synthesized and investigated forExpand
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Pyrrolidinium sulfate and ammonium sulfate ionic liquids as lubricant additives for steel/steel contact lubrication
In this work, we report on the BuMepyr-MeSO4 and Et3MeN-MeSO4 ionic liquids that were synthesized and used as additives in a glycerol model lubricant for steel/steel contacts. Tests were performedExpand
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Abrasion resistance of selected commercially available polymer materials
The aim of this investigation was to examine several types of commercially available polymers for potential application in machine elements that are exposed to abrasion. Selected materials wereExpand
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Influence of concentration and anion alkyl chain length on tribological properties of imidazolium sulfate ionic liquids as additives to glycerol in steel–steel contact lubrication
Commercially available ionic liquids were used as additives in the model lubricant fluid glycerol. The stability of the mixtures was controlled by measuring of turbidity. Tribological experimentsExpand
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Surface engineering of Ti6Al4V surfaces for enhanced tribocorrosion performance in artificial seawater
Abstract Titanium and its alloys are materials with excellent corrosion resistant properties, but under sliding contact exhibit poor wear and friction performance. Therefore, the aim of this studyExpand
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Influence of temperature on tribological behaviour of ionic liquids as lubricants and lubricant additives
Ionic liquids are low-melting-point salts composed entirely of ions, and many of them are liquids at room temperature. In recent years, studies have indicated that they might be good candidates forExpand
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Friction and wear behaviour of selected titanium and zirconium based nitride coatings in Na2SO4 aqueous solution under low contact pressure
Abstract The low contact pressure friction and wear behaviour of four titanium and zirconium-based nitride coatings were investigated in Na2SO4 electrolyte. The experiments were performed using twoExpand
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Tribocorrosion behaviour of Ti6Al4V in artificial seawater at low contact pressures
Abstract The tribo-electrochemical performance of Ti6Al4V in artificial seawater is investigated under reciprocating sliding conditions at three contact loads (10 mN, 100 mN, and 1 N) and threeExpand
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Frictional behaviour of imidazolium sulfate ionic liquid additives under mixed slide to roll conditions: part 2 — influence of concentration and chemical composition of ionic liquid additive
Current work presents the investigation of frictional behaviour of ionic liquid lubricant mixtures under mixed slide to roll ratio. On the contrary to the previous study, which focuses onExpand
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