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Factors and Trends of Engineering Centers Development in the Network Structure of Innovations Reproduction
The article provides an overview of the concepts of “Engineering” and “Engineering Center” in the Russian and foreign literature; the author proposed the definition of “Industrial Engineering”. It
Tendencies of Interaction between Russian Universities and Companies Implementing Innovative Development Programs. Reproductive Aspects
In this article, key indicators and trends of global innovative development are analyzed, and the role of the research and development sector in these processes is revealed. Attention is paid to the
Modeling of crack growth under creep conditions. Report 1. Statement of the problem
A critical analysis is carried out of both experimental and theoretical data on the precritical creep crack growth rate which allows one to describe the process. A model is presented of crack tearing
[Participation of serotoninergic mechanisms in the regulation of visceral functions during conditioned reflex activity].
An increased level of serotonin in the blood was revealed in neuroses peculiar by a prolonged depression of conditioning, and subcutaneous administration of the serotonin precursor 5-oxytryptophan enhanced both the conditioning and the small intestine electrical activity.
Effect of damage in the material on the stress-strain state in the vicinity of the crack tip in creep
ConclusionsThe solution of the simulation problem of the growth an antiplanar shear crack in the coupled formulation for the case of creep with damage shows the following.1.The singular stress field