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Spreading dynamics of drop impacts
Abstract We present an experimental study of drop impact on a solid surface in the spreading regime with no splashing. Using the space–time-resolved Fourier transform profilometry technique, we canExpand
A study of wave propagation in varying cross-section waveguides by modal decomposition. Part I. Theory and validation
The propagation of acoustic waves in waveguides with variable cross section is considered using multimodal decomposition. The approach adopted is to construct two infinite first‐order differentialExpand
Global measurement of water waves by Fourier transform profilometry
In this paper, we present an optical profilometric technique that allows for single-shot global measurement of free-surface deformations. This system consists of a high-resolution system composed ofExpand
Lamb wave propagation in inhomogeneous elastic waveguides
The problem of Lamb wave propagation in an axially multi–layered waveguide is treated by a multi–modal approach. A general formalism is proposed that avoids the numerical divergence due to evanescentExpand
Determination of Lamb mode eigenvalues.
  • V. Pagneux, A. Maurel
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 30 August 2001
An original method is presented to determine the complex Lamb wave spectrum by using a numerical spectral method applied to the elasticity equations. This method presents the advantage to directlyExpand
Influence of grazing flow and dissipation effects on the acoustic boundary conditions at a lined wall
The problem of sound propagation near a lined wall taking into account mean shear flow effects and viscous and thermal dissipation is investigated. The method of composite expansion is used toExpand
Modelling of sound propagation in a non-uniform lined duct using a Multi-Modal Propagation Method
Liner non-uniformities, such as distributed impedances, may have a direct influence on the performance of turbofan engine liners. A relevant problem to study these effects is that of soundExpand
Use of complex frequency plane to design broadband and sub-wavelength absorbers.
The reflection of sound of frequency below 1 kHz, by a rigid-backed structure that contains sub-wavelength resonators is studied in this work. In particular, only single mode reflected waves areExpand
Experimental and theoretical inspection of the phase-to-height relation in Fourier transform profilometry.
The measurement of an object's shape using projected fringe patterns needs a relation between the measured phase and the object's height. Among various methods, the Fourier transform profilometryExpand
Perfect and broadband acoustic absorption by critically coupled sub-wavelength resonators
Perfect absorption is an interdisciplinary topic with a large number of applications, the challenge of which consists of broadening its inherently narrow frequency-band performance. We experimentallyExpand