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Direct organogenesis from hypocotyl-derived explants of annatto (Bixa orellana)
The relative importance of explant, cytokinin type, carbon source and gelling agent for annatto organogenesis was studied. The best organogenic response, including adventitious shoot number andExpand
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Crescimento de mudas de pau-ferro sob diferentes níveis de sombreamento
Obtaining native seedlings requires information about seeds harvest time, storage and luminosity conditions, germination and types of substrate, among others. This study aimed at evaluating theExpand
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Carbon sources and their osmotic potential in plant tissue culture: does it matter?
Plant cell, tissue and organ cultures require a carbohydrate supply in order to satisfy energy demands. Experiments to define type and concentration of carbon source that allow culture establishmentExpand
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In vitro organogenesis from root culture segments of Bixa orellana L. (Bixaceae)
The organogenic potential of root explants derived from cultured seedlings of Bixa orellana L. (annatto) was investigated in response to different incubation conditions and either 4.44 μMExpand
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Atributos físico-hídricos do solo ocupado com pastagem degradada e floresta nativa no cerrado Sul-Mato-Grossense
Adicionalmente ao processo agricola, a remocao da vegetacao nativa para o cultivo de pastagens contribuiu para degradacao ambiental das areas de cerrado nos aspectos de solos, flora e fauna. ProcessoExpand
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The knowledge on seed pathogens is essential for setting management recommendations. Thus, aiming to determine the pathogens associated with Jatropha curcas L., in order to develop strategies toExpand
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Somatic Embryogenesis in Annatto (Bixa orellana L.)
Our research group has pioneered the work on somatic embryogenesis of Bixa orellana (annatto), and since then we have directed efforts in understanding several aspects of this morphogenic pathway inExpand
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In vitro regeneration of annatto (Bixa orellana L.) plantlets from nodal and internodal adult stem segments
This work aimed to evaluate the in vitro morphogenic response of adult explants of Bixa orellana and to establish a regeneration protocol from adult nodal and internodal explants from 16-year-oldExpand
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Biochemical and morpho-anatomical analyses of strawberry vitroplants hyperhydric tissues affected by BA and gelling agents
ABSTRACTRESUMOAnalises bioquimicas e morfo-anatomicas em vitr oplantas de morangueir o hiper -hidricasafetadas pelo BA e agentes geleificantes A propagacao in vitro tem se destacado como uma tecnicaExpand
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