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Bryozoa (Cyclostomata and Ctenostomata) from polymetallic nodules in the Russian exploration area, Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, eastern Pacific Ocean-taxon novelty and implications of mining.
This work describes Bryozoa of the orders Cyclostomata and Ctenostomata found associated with polymetallic nodules collected by box-coring in the eastern part of the Russian exploration area of theExpand
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Morphology of ctenostome bryozoans: 2. Haywardozoon pacificum, with implications of the phylogenetic position of the genus
The genus Haywardozoon represent a little known genus of ctenostome bryozoans that has only been found in the deep‐sea. It forms small, mostly uniserial colonies lacking polymorphs. Zooids have aExpand
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Pandanipora fragilis-a new deep-water cyclostome bryozoan from the subequatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Atlantic Ocean, and a review of Pandanipora worldwide.
A new cyclostome bryozoan, Pandanipora fragilis n. sp., is described from 3453 m depth on the subequatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It differs from the type species, P. helix Grischenko, Gordon Melnik,Expand
The expectation of retirement as a psychological stress affecting the person’s biological age (on the materials of the Russian Federation)
The method of age-related samples is used. Biological age is estimated using a formula including indicators of metabolism, cardiovascular, respiratory, equilibrium systems, and psychological healthExpand
Figure 32. Calyssopora Vasiformis N. Gen., N In Bryozoa (Cyclostomata And Ctenostomata) From Polymetallic Nodules In The Russian Exploration Area, Clarion - Clipperton Fracture Zone, Eastern Pacific
FIGURE 44. Rallocytus ridiculus n. gen., n. sp. Progressive stages of development of ancestrulate colonies. A–D, specimen YMG4–14, Stn 340, at three-zooid stage, with no distinction among peristomes;Expand
Morphology of ctenostome bryozoans: 4. Pierrella plicata
The genus Pierrella was originally created for a single fossil ctenostome bryozoan species from the Late Cretaceous, which is characterized by runner‐like colonies, with zooids possessing aExpand
Morpho‐functional and ultrastructural changes in placenta of pregnant women with an active form of lung tuberculosis
related to the sex-ratio is unclear. Study Methods: A prospective follow-up study of more than 9000 women was conducted to investigate the relation between stress and pregnancy outcome. PsychologicalExpand