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Peroxidase Turnover in Ginseng Strains under Standard Conditions and Temperature Stress
Summary Peroxidase (EC and total protein turnover were compared in the cells of closely related ginseng strains (Panax ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, Panax ginseng LX-5). PeroxidaseExpand
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Sequential Isolation of Superoxide Dismutase and Ajmaline from Tissue Cultures of Rauwolfia serpentinaBenth
Two biologically active compounds, the enzyme superoxide dismutase (EC and the anti-arhythmic indole alkaloid ajmaline, were isolated from a callus culture of Rauwolfia serpentinaBenth.Expand
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[Effect of ionizing radiation on the turnover of catalase-degrading proteinase in rat hepatocytes].
A study was made of the influence of whole-body X-irradiation (8 Gy) on the turnover of an individual protein, alkaline proteinase, initiating inactivation of a catalase protein in rat liver. It wasExpand
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Chromatographic isolation of primary and secondary metabolites from plant cell cultures
Abstract The preparation of superoxide dismutase (SOD), aldolase and proteinases by affinity chromatography from callus tissue Rauwolfa serpentina is described. SOD was isolated by metal chelateExpand
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Effect of Phytohormones on the Protein-Synthesizing Ability of Rauwolfia serpentinaBenth. Tissue Culture
The accumulation of intracellular protein by the callus culture of Rauwolfia serpentinaBenth. was studied in a standard or phytohormone-containing medium. Changes in the concentration of totalExpand
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[Insulin degradation in hepatocytes and erythrocytes of rats in normal condition and in experimental diabetes].
Insulin metabolism in erythrocytes and hepatocytes of normal and experimental diabetic rats was studied. Insulin-degrading complex of erythrocytes and hepatocytes was investigated at low insulinExpand
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[Isoenzymes in cancer].
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[Effect of insulin and glucagon on superoxide dismutase degradation in the liver of irradiated rats].
A study was made of the effect of insulin and glucagon on the time of functioning and degradation of superoxidedismutase in the liver of rats irradiated with a dose of 8 Gy. The hormones were shownExpand
[Aldolase biosynthesis and stability in a monolayer of intact and irradiated rat liver cells].
Aldolase turnover in rat hepatic cell culture and the influence of whole-body X-irradiation on the rates of synthesis and degradation of the enzyme and its "half-life" have been investigated.Expand