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Hordeumgeniculatum in the Pannonian Basin: Ecological requirements and grassland vegetation on salt-affected soils
Hordeum geniculatum is considered as an obligate halophyte, but exact data about ecological requirements of the species are lacking. Therefore, species response curves of H. geniculatum were obtained
Salt marsh vegetation on the Croatian coast: plant communities and ecological characteristics
A clear zonation between plant communities along the hydro-sequence was identified and was well represented by the dominance of individual diagnostic species, and the new association Limonio narbonensis–Caricetum divisae was described.
Succession of Saline Vegetation in Slovakia after a Large-Scale Disturbance
It is concluded that population fluxes after adverse human disturbance and subsequent abandonment are very high, and succession of halophytic communities after such a strong disturbance is very fast, leading to deterioration of the habitat.
Variation of nitrates in runoff from mountain and rural areas
The paper presents results of temporal and spatial variation of nitrates in streamwater in the small mountain catchment of the Jalovecký creek, the Western Tatra Mountains, Slovakia. Water samples
Mapping Soil Degradation on Arable Land with Aerial Photography and Erosion Models, Case Study from Danube Lowland, Slovakia
It is suggested that tillage is the dominant erosion factor in the area and the first and second-order directional derivative of the surface elevations with respect to the tillage direction showed better results and better corresponded with the real erosion pattern than the other morphometric characteristics.
The phytosociology and ecology of saline vegetation with Scorzonera parviflora across the Pannonian-Western Balkan gradient
The phytosociology and ecology of Scorzonera parviflora stands were studied in the Pannonian Ba- sin and Western Balkans. In total, we used 60 releves (46 collected for this study and 14 from the
The influence of soil organic matter content on soil surface charge and cadmium mobility in soil
Rapid solute and particle transport in structured soils may be reduced by adsorption of ions and chemical material on soil adsorption sites. The influence of soil organic matter content on cadmium