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Carrier-mediated transport of the folic acid analogue, methotrexate, in the L1210 leukemia cell.
Abstract Transport of methotrexate (4-amino-10-methylpteroyl-glutamic acid), a structural analogue of folic acid, was studied in L1210 mouse leukemia cells grown in tissue culture. IntracellularExpand
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The pharmacokinetics of [3H]‐vincristine in man
The pharmacokinetics, metabolism, and excretion of aromatically labeled tritiated vincristine (VCR) was examined in 4 patients. Clearance of radioactivity from the blood was triphasic with half‐lifeExpand
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The metabolic fate of tritiated methotrexate. I. Absorption, excretion, and distribution in mice, rats, dogs and monkeys.
The absorption, excretion, distribution, metabolism, and serum protein binding of tritium-labeled methotrexate (MTX)[1][1] has been studied in a variety of laboratory mammals. In all species studiedExpand
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The effect of organic acids on renal clearance of methotrexate in man
The renal clearance of the folic acid antagonist, methotrexate, was compared with that of inulin and para‐aminohippurate in 15 patients with disseminated malignancy. The clearance of methotrexateExpand
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The metabolic fate of tritiated methotrexate. II. Absorption and excretion in man.
acid antagonist both iii the treatment of neoplastic dis eases such as acute lymphocytic leukemia of childhood and t.rophoblastic malignancies and in the investigation of a variety of immuneExpand
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Distribution and excretion of (3H)vincristine in the rat and the dog.
The distribution and excretion of tritiated vincristine were studies in the rat and the dog. Biphasic curves for the disappearance of the drug from blood were found in both species, with an initialExpand
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The interaction of carcinogenic hydrocarbons with tissues. V. Some structural requirements for binding of 1,2,5,6-dibenzanthracene.
1. Sixteen C14-labeled derivatives of 1,2,5,6-dibenzanthracene (DBA), with substituent groups either in the 9,10-positions (L region) or on the phenanthrene double bonds (K regions), andExpand
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During the past decade our laboratory has been engaged in studies of various aspects of the pharmacologic disposition of certain folate antagonists. Two of these agents, amethopterin (Methotrexate)Expand
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The physiologic disposition of dichloromethotrexate‐CI36 in man
Pharmacologic studies were made of the urinary and fecal excretion, blood levels, metabolism, and plasma binding of 3′,5′‐dichloromethotrexate (DCM), with a radioactive chlorine label, in patientsExpand
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