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The Category-Demand Effects of Price Promotions
Although price promotions have increased in both commercial use and quantity of academic research over the last decade, most of the attention has been focused on their effects on brand choice andExpand
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Competitive Reactions to Advertising and Promotion Attacks
How do competitors react to each other's price-promotion and advertising attacks? What are the reasons for the observed reaction behavior? We answer these questions by performing a large-scaleExpand
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Retail-Price Drivers and Retailer Profits
What are the drivers of retailer pricing tactics over time? Based on multivariate time-series analysis of two rich data sets, we quantify the relative importance of competitive retailer prices,Expand
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Empirical models of manufacturer-retailer interaction : A review and agenda for future research
The nature of the interaction between manufacturers and retailers has received a great deal of empirical attention in the last 15 years. One major line of empirical research examines the balance ofExpand
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Channel Pass-Through of Trade Promotions
We study pass-through at multiple levels of the distribution channel and show that market structure and competition have a relatively small impact on pass- through. Expand
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Wal-Mart's Impact on Supplier Profits
Previous academic research on the expansion of dominant retailers such as Wal-Mart has examined implications for incumbent retailers, consumers, and the local community. Little is known, however,Expand
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Demand-Based Pricing versus Past-Price Dependence: A Cost–Benefit Analysis
The authors develop a conceptual framework of the factors that motivate a retailer's decision to rely on demand conditions and past prices in setting current and future prices. Specifically, theyExpand
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How do competitors react to each other's price-promotion and advertising actions? How do these reactions influence the net sales impact we observe? We answer these questions by performing aExpand
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Measuring Short- and Long-run Promotional Effectiveness on Scanner Data Using Persistence Modeling
The use of price promotions to stimulate brand and firm performance is increasing. We discuss how (i) the availability of longer scanner data time series, and (ii) persistence modeling, have lead toExpand
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