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A new cost-effective and fast method of autologous fat grafting.
This team has developed a simple and fast autologous fat grafting system, useable even for a large volume of lipofilling, and based on low-pressure suction and a sterile closed-system for processing the harvested fat tissue. Expand
Role of ropivacaine infiltration analgesia in bilateral reduction mammaplasty.
With this peroperative infiltration of ropivacaine, BRM can be performed with good pain control and moderate analgesic consumption, limiting side effects. Expand
[Evaluation of a short incision double eyelidplasty for Asian patients].
The short central incisional technique for creation of a double eyelid described here provides excellent permanent and natural results, with no visible scar nor serious complications. Expand
[Tissular expansion in giant congenital nevi treatment].
Tissular expansion is a valuable option for giant congenital naevus, however, complication rate remained high, especially when iterative surgery is needed, and Iterative surgery increased the complication rate. Expand