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Measurement of cardiovascular and renal function in unrestrained hamsters.
We describe a preparation for measuring blood pressure, left ventricular end diastolic pressure, heart rate, and renal excretory variables (volume, electrolytes, glomerular filtration rate) inExpand
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New Air-jet Weft-insertion System without an Air-guide and with Double-holed Relay Nozzles: A Study of Double-holed Relay Nozzles
In this paper, a new air-jet weft-insertion system, which does not require any air-guide, such as a confusor or profiled reed, is discussed. Characteristics of the new double-holed relay nozzles,Expand
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Book review
Manipulation at the Single-Particle Quantum Level
tons. The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded jointly to Serge Haroche and David J Wineland \for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individualExpand
Standard weights and measures
We trace the evolution of standards for weights and measures from olden days to their modern scientific definitions. Even in the era of modern science, standards till recently used to be defined byExpand
Standards for units
The special theory of relativity
The year 2005 has been declared qy the United Nations as the International Year of Physics. This has been done to commemorate Albert Einstein's "miraculous year" a century ago, during which the youngExpand
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