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Neutronic safety and transient analyses for potential LEU conversion of the IR-8 research reactor.
Kinetic parameters, isothermal reactivity feedback coefficients and three transients for the IR-8 research reactor cores loaded with either HEU(90%), HEU(36%), or LEU (19.75%) fuel assemblies (FA)
MCU-PTR program for high-precision calculations of pool and tank type research reactors
The MCU-PTR program with a MDBPTR50 database has been developed to perform high-precision mathematical modeling of nuclear reactors and to calculate their neutron-physical characteristics.
Water velocity determination in the gaps of irt-3M, -4M fuel assemblies
Experiments on measuring the water velocity in the gaps between the fuel elements of an IRT-3M eight-tube fuel assembly with 90% fuel enrichment, used in pool and tank research reactors, are
Assessing the risk of welding defects
A method is proposed for determining the equivalent crack length in assessing internal welding defects in terms of the crack resistance of the material.
Optimization of FA Reloading in the IR-8 Reactor
The possibility of increasing 235U burnup in IRT-3M FA to 68% is examined for the example of equilibrium operating cycles of IR-8 and optimization of fuel reloading in the core is proposed. This
Analysis of the Consequences of an Accident with Damage to a Horizontal Experimental Channel During IR-8 Operation at Nominal Power
The consequences of postulated beyond design-basis accidents in the IR-8 reactor are now being analyzed. Since the development and construction of a three-dimensional model of IR-8 the ATHLET systems
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Analysis of the Neutron-Physical Parameters of the IR-8 Reactor with Conversion to Low-Enrichment Uranium Fuel
A comparative computational analysis of the neutron-physical parameters is made for the IR-8 reactor using core fuel assemblies containing fuel based on low-enrichment uranium: IRT-3M (in
Experimental investigation of neutronic characteristics of the IR-8 reactor to confirm the results of calculations by MCU-PTR code
A comparison of measured and calculated neutronic characteristics (fast neutron flux and fission rate of 235U) in the core and reflector of the IR-8 reactor is presented. The irradiation devices
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Determination Using the MCU-PTR Code of the Irradiation Conditions for Structural Materials in the Ampoule Setups of the IR-8 Reactor
A large amount of materials science research in which the vertical channels of the core and reflector are used is being conducted in the IR-8 reactor. To develop experimental programs for reactor
A fracture criterion for welded joints with internal defects
Разработка методов оперативной оценки опасности дефектов сварных соединений, выявляемых в ходе диагностических обследований оборудования, является важной составляющей комплекса мероприятий по