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A Current Algebra for Some Gauge Theory Amplitudes
Abstract The classical amplitude for scattering of two positive helicity and n −2 negative helicity (or the other way) gauge bosons is shown to be generated by a Wess-Zumino-Witten (WZW) model for NExpand
Relativistic wave equation for anyons.
Construction of one-particle states as unitary representations of the Poincare algebra in 2+1 dimensions shows that an anyon has one polarization state. However, for nonzero spin manifestly linearExpand
Quantum Field Theory: A Modern Perspective
Results in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.- The Construction of Fields.- Canonical Quantization.- Commutators and Propagators.- Interactions and the S-matrix.- The Electromagnetic Field.- Examples ofExpand
Anyon spin and the exotic central extension of the planar Galilei group 1 This work is supported in
Abstract We show that the second central extension of the Galilei group in (2+1) dimensions corresponds to spin, which can be any real number.
Quantum mechanics on the noncommutative plane and sphere
Abstract We consider the quantum mechanics of a particle on a noncommutative plane. The case of a charged particle in a magnetic field (the Landau problem) with a harmonic oscillator potential isExpand
Quantum Hall effect in higher dimensions
Abstract Following recent work on the quantum Hall effect on S 4 , we solve the Landau problem on the complex projective spaces C P k and discuss quantum Hall states for such spaces. Unlike the caseExpand
Elements of Geometric Quantization and Applications to Fields and Fluids
  • V. Nair
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 20 June 2016
These lecture notes (from the Second Autumn School in High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory, Yerevan 2014) cover a number of topics related to geometric quantization. Most of the material isExpand
Non perturbative anomalies in higher dimensions
Abstract We study how nonperturbative anomalies can occur in dimensions higher than four and their implications on the consistency of the theory.
U(1) Chern-Simons theory and c=1 conformal blocks
Abstract The quantization of the U(1) Chern-Simons action in three dimensions is carried out in a coherent state representation. The wave functionals obtained are generating functionals for theExpand
Three-dimensional Chern-Simons gauge theories are quantized in a functional coherent state formalism. The connection with two-dimensional conformal field theory is found to emerge naturally. TheExpand