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Performance Enhancement of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
Abrasive Waterjet (AWJ) Machining is a recent non-traditional machining process. This technology is widely used in industry for cutting difficult-to-machine-materials, milling slots, polishing hardExpand
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A Study on Optimization of Surface Roughness in Surface Grinding 9CrSi Tool Steel by Using Taguchi Method
In this study, the Taguchi method was utilized to find the optional surface roughness in fine surface grinding of 9CrSi annealing tool steel using Hai Duong grinding wheels. Minitab 17 software wasExpand
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Cost Optimization of Internal Grinding
This paper presents a study on cost optimization of internal grinding. In this study, the influences of grinding process parameters including the wheel life, the total dressing depth, the radialExpand
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Experimental Investigation of White Layer Thickness on EDM Processed Silicon Steel Using ANFIS Approach
Since the white layer thickness influences the surface quality of the machined specimens using electrical discharge machining process, the prediction of such parameter is highly important in theExpand
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A Study on Recycling of Supreme Garnet in Abrasive Waterjet Machining
This paper presents a new study on the recycling of Supreme garnet (or IMC garnet) in abrasive waterjet machining. In this study, the reusability of the garnet was investigated. Also, the optimalExpand
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Profit Optimization of Abrasive Blasting Systems
This paper presents a new study on profit optimization of abrasive blasting systems. In the study, the effects of many parameters such as the air pressure, the initial nozzle diameter, the costExpand
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Optimal Calculation of Partial Transmission Ratios of Four-Step Helical Gearboxes for Getting Minimal Gearbox Length
This paper presents a new study on the applications of optimization and regression analysis techniques for optimal calculation of partial ratios of four-step helical gearboxes for getting minimalExpand
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Effect of Dressing Parameters on Material Removal Rate when Surface Grinding SKD11 Tool Steel
Nowadays, surface grinding is one of the most common of metal finishing methods. The efficiency of this process is affected by the so-called process parameters such as dressing feed rate (S), roughExpand