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[The healing characteristics of skin wounds in different types of alcohol and surrogate intoxication].
Physico-morphological, bacterioscopic and cytochemical examinations showed that oral introduction of ethanol, methanol and their mixture inhibited healing of the wounds due to suppuration. Expand
[Experimental toxic pulmonary edema in white mice with influenza].
Toxic pulmonary edema during influenza developed 3 hours after infection of mice with concentrated influenza viruses adapted to lung tissue, and the elaborated model aids in the understanding of malignant forms of influenza infection in man resulting in death. Expand
[Modelling of influenza infection in mice inoculated by the aerosol method].
Virological, bacteriological, and histopathological examinations of the lungs of the infected mice revealed a correlation between the time of the animals' death, maximum influenza virus reproduction, multiplication of staphylococcal autoflora and the intensity of pathomorphological lesions. Expand
[Electron microscopic and immunomorphologic study of the placenta in genital mycoplasmosis].
In the placenta of women with genital mycoplasmosis immunopathological processes develop in association with formation of pathogenic immune complexes that are fixing the C3 complement fraction that causes immunological inflammation with the involvement of immunocompetent cells resulting in the destruction of syncytial membranes and membranes of the placental barrier. Expand
[Wound infection as etiology of fulminant sepsis].
[Characteristics of experimental para-influenza in Syrian hamsters infected by different routes].
Differences in the pathomorphological manifestations of parainfluenza infection caused by intranasal, aerosol and oral administration of the virus are most probably due to uneven distribution of theirus in the respiratory organs and to peculiar features of the immunological response of the animals. Expand
[Morphogenesis of cytoplasmic inclusions in influenza].
It was shown that cy toplasmic inclusions in influenza represented foci of partial degeneration and necrosis of the cytoplasm, the developmental phases of which are similar to phases of formation by means of autolysis. Expand
[Results of a study of some methods of differentiating M. pneumoniae strains by the virulence of the degree of attenuation].
Study of five M. pneumoniae strains by the intensity of hemolysis and hemadsorption demonstrated no definite differences between them. Experiments on Cricetus auratus W. showed a higher virulence ofExpand