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[The nervous system and the mapping of the neurons in the gastropod Helix lucorum L].
Summarized literature and experimental author's data are presented concerning the structure of the nervous system and identification of individual neurons in the snail Helix lucorum. InformationExpand
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[A comparison of serotonin- and dopaminergic neuronal systems in sexually mature and juvenile terrestrial mollusks of the genera Helix and Eobania].
The distribution of serotonin- (5-HT) and dopamine- (DA) containing neurons was studied in the brain of adult and juvenile (the first month of life) terrestrial molluscs Helix lucorum and EobaniaExpand
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Functions of Peptide CNP4, Encoded by the HCS2 Gene, in the Nervous System of Helix Lucorum
The aims of the present work were to study the role of neuropeptide CNP4, encoded by the HCS2 gene (which is expressed mainly in parietal command interneurons), in controlling the activity of theExpand
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[Functional role of neuropeptide CNP4 encoded by gene HCS2 in Helix lucorum nervous system].
Helix Command Specific 2 (HCS2) gene is constantly expressed in parietal premotor (command) interneurons involved in control of the terrestrial snail Helix lucorum withdrawal behavior as a triggerExpand
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Immunohistochemical detection of the activation of CREB and c-Fos transcription factors in the nervous system of the terrestrial snail induced by pentylenetetrazole
Phosphorylation of CREB transcription factor and expression of the immediate early gene c-fos in the brains of vertebrates play a key role in the molecular genetic mechanisms of long-term neuronalExpand
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[Fast and aimed delivery of voltage-sensitive dyes to mammalian brain slices by biolistic techniques].
Fast voltage-sensitive dyes (VSD) are widely used in modern neuroscience for optical recording of electrical potentials at many levels, from single cell compartment to brain areas, containingExpand
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[Serotonergic system of neurons in the CNS of terrestrial snail: morphology, ontogenesis, control of behavior].
The morphology of the serotonergic neurons modulating withdrawal behavior in the CNS of terrestrial snail was studied. It was shown that only one Pd4 neuron projects to the pleural and parietalExpand
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[Low-threshold area of action potential generation in the somatic membrane of mollusk neurons].
The excitability of somatic membrane of Helix lucorum neurons was studied by means of extracellular electric current of various direction (frequency 0.1 Hz). Inhomogenous excitability of somaticExpand
Sites of action potential generation in Helix pomatia neurons
The site of action potential generation in unipolar snail neurons was identified by stimulating neurons isolated together with the initial portion of the process from the neuropile. StimulationExpand
Low-threshold region of action potential generation in the somatic membrane of molluscan neurons
Heterogeneity of the somatic membrane of subesophageal ganglionic neurons ofHelix lucorum was studied by extracellular electrical stimulation. A sinusoidal current was applied through electrodesExpand