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The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge
What is the meaning of Africa and of being African? What is and what is not African philosophy? Is philosophy part of Africanism ? These are the kind of fundamental questions which this bookExpand
The Idea of Africa
Symbols and the interpretation of the African past which idea of Africa? the power of the Greek paradigm domestication and the conflict of memories reprendre.
Parables and Fables: Exegesis, Textuality, and Politics in Central Africa
This book confronts the philosophical problems of otherness and identity through readings of the parables and fables of a colonized people, the Luba of Zaire. V.Y. Mudimbe poses two overarchingExpand
African Philosophy, Myth and Reality
Preface to the second edition Introduction by Abiola Irele Part One: Arguments 1. An alienated literature 2. History of a myth 3. African philosophy, myth, and reality 4. Philosophy and itsExpand
African Gnosis: Philosophy and the Order of Knowledge
This article is extracted from a larger essay which grew as a consequence (or, more exactly, as an accident) of an invitation to establish a survey on African philosophy. Strictly speaking, theExpand
The Surreptitious speech : Présence africaine and the politics of otherness, 1947-1987
Distinguished scholar V. Y. Mudimbe assembles a lively tribute to "Presence Africaine," the landmark African studies journal begun in 1947 Paris. While it celebrates the project's forty-year history,Expand
Tales of faith : Religion as political performance in Central Africa
L'A. presente l'ouvrage de Valentin Mudimbe paru a Londres en 1997. Il concerne la religion dans le sens ou ses themes dominants parlent des chretiens et du christianisme en Afrique aux epoquesExpand
The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge
The publication of these parts of a fundamental book on representations of Africa, drawing on the analyses of a set of knowledges and discourses from travel narratives or missionary works toExpand