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Nutritional characterization of Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.) leaves
calcium (3.65%), phoshorus (0.3%), magnesium (0.5%), potassium (1.5%), sodium (0.164%), sulphur (0.63%), zinc (13.03 mg/kg), copper (8.25%), manganese (86.8 mg/kg), iron (490 mg/kg) and selenium (363Expand
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Some biochemical aspects pertaining to beef eating quality and consumer health: A review
The objective of the current review is to highlight biochemical processes and products, from slaughter to the time of beef consumption, that relate to response to stress at slaughter, meat qualityExpand
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Natural antioxidants against lipid-protein oxidative deterioration in meat and meat products: A review.
Oxidation is a well-known non-microbial cause of quality loss in meat. Oxidative stress occurs due to uneven generation of free radicals reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen speciesExpand
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Meat quality of Nguni, Bonsmara and Aberdeen Angus steers raised on natural pasture in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
The current study compared meat quality of Nguni, Bonsmara and Angus steers raised on natural pasture. Fifteen seven-month-old weaners of each breed were kept at the University of Fort Hare Farm forExpand
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Relationship between pre-slaughter stress responsiveness and beef quality in three cattle breeds.
The relationship between stress responsiveness and beef quality of 40 Nguni, 30 Bonsmara and 30 Angus steers was determined. The L(∗) values, pHu, cooking loss (CL) and Warner-Bratzler shear forceExpand
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Nguni cattle marketing constraints and opportunities in the communal areas of South Africa: Review
Cattle production is the most important livestock sub-sector in South Africa. It contributes about 25 30% to the total agricultural output per annum. However, cattle productivity is declining due toExpand
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Cholesterol levels and fatty acid profiles of beef from three cattle breeds raised on natural pasture
A study was conducted to compare cholesterol and fatty acid levels of beef from three cattle breeds raised on natural pasture. Thirty-four, twenty-nine and fourteen steers each of Nguni, Bonsmara andExpand
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Polyphenolic content and antioxidant properties of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts and enzymatic activity of liver from goats supplemented with Moringa oleifera leaves/sunflower seed cake.
The study investigated antioxidant potency of Moringa oleifera leaves in different in vitro systems using standard phytochemical methods. The antioxidative effect on the activities of superoxideExpand
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Fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of breast meat from broiler chickens supplemented with Moringa oleifera leaf meal over a period of refrigeration.
Effects of diets supplemented with or without Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) on fatty acid (FA) composition and oxidative stability of broiler breast meat during refrigerated storage wasExpand
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Determinants of rural household dietary diversity: The case of Amatole and Nyandeni districts, South Africa
The emerging interest in household dietary diversity against dietary quantity presents an opportunity to estimate household food security. Using household cross-sectional survey data from ruralExpand
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