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Advances in the Casimir Effect
1. Introduction I: PHYSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE CASIMIR EFFECT FOR IDEAL BOUNDARIES 2. Simple models of the Casimir effect 3. Field quantization and vacuum energy in the presence ofExpand
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New developments in the Casimir effect
Abstract We provide a review of both new experimental and theoretical developments in the Casimir effect. The Casimir effect results from the alteration by the boundaries of the zero-pointExpand
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The Casimir Effect and Its Applications
The Casimir effect is analyzed. This effect consists of a polarization of the vacuum of quantized fields which arises as a result of a change in the spectrum of vacuum oscillations when theExpand
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The Casimir force between real materials: Experiment and theory
The physical origin of the Casimir force is connected with the existence of zero-point and thermal fluctuations. The Casimir effect is very general and finds applications in various fields ofExpand
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Tests of new physics from precise measurements of the Casimir pressure between two gold-coated plates
A micromechanical torsion oscillator has been used to strengthen the limits on new Yukawa forces by determining the Casimir pressure between two gold-coated plates. By significantly reducing theExpand
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Precise comparison of theory and new experiment for the Casimir force leads to stronger constraints on thermal quantum effects and long-range interactions
Abstract We report an improved dynamic determination of the Casimir pressure Pexpt between two plane plates obtained using a micromachined torsional oscillator. The main improvements in the currentExpand
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Violation of the Nernst heat theorem in the theory of the thermal Casimir force between Drude metals
We give a rigorous analytical derivation of low-temperature behavior of the Casimir entropy in the framework of the Lifshitz formula combined with the Drude dielectric function. An earlier resultExpand
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Gradient of the Casimir force between Au surfaces of a sphere and a plate measured using an atomic force microscope in a frequency-shift technique
We present measurement results for the gradient of the Casimir force between an Au-coated sphere and an Au-coated plate obtained by means of an atomic force microscope operated in a frequency shiftExpand
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