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Chameleons in the Classroom: visible and invisible children in nursery and infant classrooms
A study of gender differentiation in nursery and infant classrooms was based on observation in four individual classrooms containing almost 100 children over a four month period. Several ways inExpand
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'A Fraught Path'-education as a basis for developing improved community relations in Northern Ireland
The outbreak of violence in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s led to critical examination of the possible role of the denominationally divided education system in creating and sustaining communityExpand
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Planning for Differentiation: The Experience of Teachers in Northern Ireland Primary Schools.
This paper describes how a group of primary schools in Northern Ireland plan a differentiated curriculum, and the extent to which subject co-ordinators offer guidance to teacher colleagues inExpand
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Intergroup Friendships: Integrated and Desegregated Schools in Northern Ireland
The friendship choices of two hundred twenty-six 11- to 12-year-old students and one hundred fifty 14- to 15-year-old students in Northern Ireland were examined, The students attended a plannedExpand
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How do parents choose a school for their child? An example of the exercise of parental choice
Summary Increased provision for parents to exercise choice in the education of their children is one of the central objectives of recent government education policy in the UK. The establishment ofExpand
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A Comparative Demographic Study of Student Teachers from the North and South of Ireland
SUMMARY 90.4% of the 1977 entrants to concurrent general Teacher Education courses in Ireland North and South responded to a demographic questionnaire. The results are analysed and the two regionsExpand
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The Role of the Core Subject Coordinator in Supporting Differentiation in Northern Ireland Primary Schools
ABSTRACT The views of core subject coordinators in a sample of Northern Ireland primary schools were obtained on their specific responsibilities with regard to differentiation and on the difficultiesExpand
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Nursery and Infant School Play Patterns: sex‐related differences
A large proportion of the work done up to now on gender differentiation in schools has had a secondary school emphasis, (Delamont, 1980; Mahony, 1973), and it would seem logical to ask whether or notExpand
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