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Network Effects: The Influence of Structural Capital on Open Source Project Success
What determines the success of open source projects? In this study, we investigate the impact of network social capital on open source project success. We define network social capital as theExpand
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Analysis of a Least Recently Used Cache Management Policy for Web Browsers
This study analyzes a LRU (Least Recently Used) policy for cache management in a web browser. Expand
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Comparing uniform and flexible policies for software maintenance and replacement
The importance of software maintenance in managing the life-cycle costs of a system cannot be overemphasized. Expand
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Why IT managers don't go for cyber-insurance products
Proposed contracts tend to be overpriced because insurers are unable to anticipate customers' secondary losses. Expand
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When Hackers Talk: Managing Information Security Under Variable Attack Rates and Knowledge Dissemination
This paper analyzes interactions between a firm that seeks to discriminate between normal users and hackers that try to penetrate and compromise the firm's information assets. Expand
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Optimal Software Development: A Control Theoretic Approach
We study the problem of optimally allocating effort between software construction and debugging. Expand
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Knowledge sharing and investment decisions in information security
We study the relationship between decisions made by two similar firms pertaining to knowledge sharing and investment in information security and show that the nature of information assets possessed by the two firms, either complementary or substitutable, plays a crucial role in influencing these decisions. Expand
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Leveraging Philanthropic Behavior for Customer Support: The Case of User Support Forums
We identify and compare the impact of two widely adopted recognition mechanisms on the philanthropic behavior of solvers. Expand
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Purchasing demand information in a stochastic-demand inventory system
This paper studies a periodic-review, stochastic-demand inventory system in which the manager has the opportunity each period to purchase information about demand in the upcoming period beforeExpand
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Maximizing business value by optimal assignment of jobs to resources in grid computing
We show that the execution times of proposed heuristics are very low, and hence, they are suitable for solving problems in real-time. Expand
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