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Single-shot velocity-map imaging of attosecond light-field control at kilohertz rate.
High-speed, single-shot velocity-map imaging (VMI) is combined with carrier-envelope phase (CEP) tagging by a single-shot stereographic above-threshold ionization (ATI) phase-meter. The experimentalExpand
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Carrier?envelope phase-tagged imaging of the controlled electron acceleration from SiO2 nanospheres in intense few-cycle laser fields
Waveform-controlled light fields offer the possibility of manipu- lating ultrafast electronic processes on sub-cycle timescales. The optical light- wave control of the collective electron motion inExpand
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Field propagation-induced directionality of carrier-envelope phase-controlled photoemission from nanospheres
Near-fields of non-resonantly laser-excited nanostructures enable strong localization of ultrashort light fields and have opened novel routes to fundamentally modify and control electronicExpand
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Plasmonic electric near-field enhancement in self-organized gold nanoparticles in macroscopic arrays
Abstract When plasmonic nanoparticles are incorporated into nanostructures and they are exposed to external optical fields, plasmonic coupling causes electric near-field enhancement which isExpand
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Sub-Cycle Metallization of SiO2 Nanoparticles Probed via Carrier-Envelope Phase Dependent Electron Acceleration
We employ few-cycle pulses (4.5 fs duration centered at 720 nm) with controlled carrier-envelope phase (CEP) to probe the metallization of 95 nm diameter SiO2 nanoparticles. The momenta ofExpand
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PIPE: A versatile photon-ion spectrometer at PETRAIII
A German research collaboration is currently setting up a versatile photon-ion spectrometer at PE-TRA III (PIPE) the new synchrotron radiation source at the DESY site in Hamburg, Germany. PIPE willExpand
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