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Multifocal fibrous Dysplasia with enchondroma-like areas: Fibrocartilaginous Dysplasia
A 19 year old boy is presented with multifocal osteolytic lesions involving right femoral neck and lower end of left fibula and a cartilaginous and fibro-osseous component, which showed focally increased cellularity and features of fibrous dysplasia. Expand
Lipid-rich variant of pancreatic endocrine tumour with inhibin positivity and microscopic foci of microcystic adenoma-like areas: emphasis on histopathology.
A 22-year-old man presented with symptoms of abdominal pain and jaundice, and computed tomography of the abdomen suggested the presence of a tumour in the head of the pancreas, which was found to be an infiltrating yellow-tan tumour composed of nests and a cribriform arrangement of polygonal vacuolated cells with pyknotic nuclei. Expand
Toxic Effects of Different Doses of Cyclophosphamide on Liver and Kidney Tissue in Swiss Albino Mice: A Histopathological Study
The effect of a progressive increase in dosage of cyclophosphamide is demonstrated in albino mice, and pathological alterations were observed in histology of liver and kidney by sequentially increasing both the dosage and duration of treatment. Expand
Adenomatoid Tumor of Tunica Albuginea Mimicking Seminoma on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
FNAC of an adenomatoid tumor poses a diagnostic challenge when the tumor arises from sites other than the epididymis because they can be mistaken for intratesticular tumors. Expand
Testicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting in a young adult
A 27-year-old man who presented with a slowly growing left testicular swelling associated with mild pain over a period of 3 months was diagnosed and treated as epididymo-orchitis and managed with antibiotics and later presented to us with an enlarged left testis with normal spermatic cord. Expand
Cystic prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma – report of a rare case
A case of purely cystic prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) in an elderly male who presented with obstructive gastro- intestinal and urinary symptoms and histopathological examination revealed a tumor with a papillary configuration. Expand
Giant solitary fibrous tumor of the mesentery: a rare case.
Mucinous Tubular and Spindle Cell Carcinoma: A Review of Histopathology and Clinical and Prognostic Implications.
Mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinomas are rare kidney tumors with generally indolent behavior and characteristic chromosomal abnormalities and the molecular signature remains the same, irrespective of the varied histomorphology. Expand
Ewing's Sarcoma of the Lesser Sac Masquerading as a Pancreatic Tumor
The present case was clinically and radiologically misdiagnosed as a pancreatic tumor/gastrointestinal stromal tumor, but Histopathology revealed a tumor with "small round cells" that were positive for CD99, confirming the diagnosis of ES/PNET. Expand
Cutaneous epithelioid hemangioma mimicking infected montgomery tubercle
A 19 year old lady presented with a painful left breast swelling, which was clinically diagnosed as infected Montgomery’s tubercle and excised, and Histopathology showed features of cutaneous epithelioid hemangioma. Expand