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PFGSE-NMR study of the self-diffusion of sucrose fatty acid monoesters in water.
The micellization of pure monosubstituted sucrose fatty acid esters in water has been investigated by means of two NMR methods, pulsed field gradient spin-echo NMR (PFGSE-NMR) and ERETIC (electronic reference to access in vivo concentrations). Expand
Transesterification of Sucrose in Organic Medium: Study of Acyl Group Migrations
The tendency of the acyl groups located on the glucose part of sucrose fatty acid esters to undergo intramolecular migrations in organic medium and the regioselectivity of some transesterificationsExpand
A simple method to assess the hydrophilic lipophilic balance of food and cosmetic surfactants using the phase inversion temperature of C10E4/n-octane/water emulsions
Abstract The modification of the phase inversion temperature (PIT) of C10E4/n-octane/water emulsions was studied as a function of increasing amounts of additional second surfactants in order to rankExpand
Glycerol acetals and ketals as bio-based solvents: positioning in Hansen and COSMO-RS spaces, volatility and stability towards hydrolysis and autoxidation
Four recently launched cyclic glycerol acetals or ketals are evaluated as bio-based solvents. Three of them are industrially available and result from the condensation of glycerol with formaldehyde,Expand
In silico design of bio-based commodity chemicals: application to itaconic acid based solvents
Global issues are deeply changing the face of the chemical industry. Both the feedstock – biomass vs. oil – and the chemical transformations used are now chosen to comply with a sustainableExpand
Synthesis and amphiphilic properties of decanoyl esters of tri- and tetraethylene glycol.
The stability of the ester bond was determined by investigating alkaline hydrolysis of the compounds and it was found that CMC, cloud point and equilibrium surface tension are roughly the same for corresponding ethers and esters. Expand
Self-organizing properties of monosubstituted sucrose fatty acid esters: the effects of chain length and unsaturation.
Three families of mono-substituted sucrose fatty acid esters were prepared by enzymatic and classical synthetic procedures, and their self-assembly and self-organizational properties wereExpand
Shape dependence in the formation of condensed phases exhibited by disubstituted sucrose esters.
A remarkable new phase transition was observed for the di-octadecanoyl homologue in which one smectic A phase transformed into another with a continuous change in layer spacing, but with a discontinuous change in the correlation length. Expand
Isosorbide as a novel polar head derived from renewable resources. Application to the design of short-chain amphiphiles with hydrotropic properties
The potential use of isosorbide, an original diol readily obtained by the double dehydration of sorbitol, has been investigated for the synthesis of novel amphiphilic species. The hydrophilicity ofExpand
Sucrose esterification under Mitsunobu conditions: evidence for the formation of 6-O-acyl-3′,6′-anhydrosucrose besides mono and diesters of fatty acids
Abstract A series of sucrose monoesters and homogeneous or mixed diesters, which have various chain lengths and saturation levels, were prepared under Mitsunobu conditions with good regioselectivity.Expand