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An analysis of some factors affecting student academic performance in an introductory biochemistry course at the University of the West Indies
It was concluded that more determinants of academic performance need to be investigated and that students who are admitted based on a diploma in agriculture may need a remedial course given that their coursework grades, though statistically insignificant were consistently lower than that of the other students. Expand
Tanniniferous Dichrostachys cinerea fruits do not require detoxification for goat nutrition: in sacco and in vivo evaluations
Abstract This study investigated the potential of Dichrostachys cinerea fruits as a protein supplement in semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe. The tanniniferous fruits were treated with aqueous solutions ofExpand
Yield, chemical Composition and In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation of the Leaves of Leucaena Leucocephala, Gliricidia Sepium and Trichanthera Gigantea as Influenced by Harvesting Frequency -
It was concluded that cutting interval had no effect on IVOMD, however, biomass yield increased with increasing cutting interval, and crude protein content and fibre levels were highest in the leaves of L. leucocephala leaves. Expand
Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation of tannin-rich tree fruits
Dry and mature tree fruits are a potential source of protein for goats in the semi-arid areas of southern Africa, but their chemical composition and feeding value is largely unknown. This studyExpand
Chemical composition and in vitro ruminal fermentation of common tree forages in the semi-arid rangelands of Swaziland
Leaves of E. obtusifolia could be a valuable supplementary feedstuff for ruminant livestock due to its in vitro fermentation characteristics as well as low fibre and moderate CP levels. Expand
Dichrostachys cinerea and Acacia nilotica fruits as dry season feed supplements for goats in a semi-arid environment: Summary of a DFID funded project in Zimbabwe
In a trial in which milking does were supplemented with D. cinerea fruits, for 65 before and 65 days after kidding, kid birthweight and weaning weight were increased by supplementation, and deaths of twin-born kids were lowest in the supplemented but unmilked group. Expand
Towards household food and nutrition security in semi–arid areas: What role for condensed tannin–rich ruminant feedstuffs?
This review is designed to explore ways through which the beneficial nutritional effects of tannin-rich browse products can be maximized to plug the animal product yield and quality gap and improve food and nutrition security in semi-arid areas of low-income food-deficit countries. Expand
The effects of Lippia javanica dietary inclusion on growth performance, carcass characteristics and fatty acid profiles of broiler chickens
Overall, the findings from the study showed that inclusion of L. javanica in broiler diets at 5 g/kg feed has positive influences on growth performance, carcass characteristics and FA profiles of broiler meat. Expand
A nutritional and economic evaluation of Moringa oleifera leaf meal as a dietary supplement in West African Dwarf goats
It was concluded that diluting the commercial supplement with MOLM up to 100 g/kg DM does not impair the nutritional status, growth performance and health status of the goats while reducing the feed cost per gain. Expand
In vitro biological activity of tannins from Acacia and other tree fruits: Correlations with colorimetric and gravimetric phenolic assays
This study was designed to investigate impact of tannins on in vitro ruminal fermentation parameters as well as relationships between concentration and in vitro biological activity of tannins presentExpand