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Food taboos: their origins and purposes
  • V. Meyer-Rochow
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine
  • 29 June 2009
Food taboos are known from virtually all human societies. Most religions declare certain food items fit and others unfit for human consumption. Dietary rules and regulations may govern particularExpand
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Practices of entomophagy and entomotherapy by members of the Nyishi and Galo tribes, two ethnic groups of the state of Arunachal Pradesh (North-East India)
We prepared a consolidated list of edible and therapeutic insects used in Arunachal Pradesh (N.E. India) by two tribal societies (i.e., the Nyishi of East Kameng and the Galo of West Siang). The listExpand
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The association between anxiety and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels: results from the Northern Finland 1966 birth cohort study.
BACKGROUND Anxiety frequently accompanies low-grade inflammation-associated conditions like depression, insulin resistance, coronary heart disease and metabolic syndrome. The association betweenExpand
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Glowworms: a review of Arachnocampa spp. and kin.
  • V. Meyer-Rochow
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Luminescence : the journal of biological and…
  • 1 May 2007
The term 'glowworm' is used in connection with the flightless females of lampyrid fireflies and to describe the luminescent larvae of certain fungus gnats that belong to the subfamiliesExpand
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Atopy and depression: results from the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort Study
Several studies have suggested an association between IgE-mediated atopic allergies and depression. The present study extends our understanding about putative gender differences of this associationExpand
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The Crustacean Eye: Dark/ Light Adaptation, Polarization Sensitivity, Flicker Fusion Frequency, and Photoreceptor Damage
Abstract Compound eyes, nauplius eyes, frontal organs, intracerebral ocelli, and caudal photoreceptors are the main light and darkness detectors in crustaceans, but they need not be present all atExpand
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Nutritional composition of five commercial edible insects in South Korea
Abstract The nutritional potential of five preferred insect species used as food and feed in Korea, Allomyrina dichotoma (Coleoptera: Dynastidae), Protaetia brevitarsis (Coleoptera: Cetoniidae),Expand
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Sound production by the western rock lobster Panulirus longipes (Milne Edwards)
Sound characteristics and sound emitting structures of larval, juvenile and adult rock lobsters, Panulirus longipes (Milne Edwards) have been investigated. There is a linear correlation betweenExpand
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Structure and function of the eyes of two species of opilionid from New Zealand glow-worm caves (Megalopsalis tumida: Palpatores, and Hendea myersi cavernicola: Laniatores)
The troglobitic harvestmen Megalopsalis tumida and Hendea myersi cavernicola inhabit the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand with their luminescent prey, the glow-worm Arachnocampa luminosa. A distributionExpand
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Structure and function of the larval eye of the sawfly, Perga.
Abstract The visual properties of the stemmata of fourth and fifth instar sawfly larvae have been investigated by means of intracellular electrophysiological recordings, interference-, light-,Expand
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