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Automatic Sleep Scoring from a Single Electrode Using Delay Differential Equations
A technique for automatic sleep scoring from the signal of a single EEG electrode located in the C3/A2 area using nonlinear delay differential equations. Expand
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Influences on Otto E. RöSsler's Earliest Paper on Chaos
Otto E. Rossler is well-known in "chaos theory" for having published one of the most often used benchmark systems producing chaotic attractors. Expand
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From quasiperiodicity to toroidal chaos: analogy between the Curry-Yorke map and the van der Pol system.
The van der Pol attractor exhibits a wide variety of behavior depending on the control parameter values: limit cycles, quasiperiodic motion on a torus, mode locking, period doubling, banded chaos,Expand
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An easy-to-use technique to characterize cardiodynamics from first-return maps on ΔRR-intervals.
Heart rate variability analysis using 24-h Holter monitoring is frequently performed to assess the cardiovascular status of a patient. The present retrospective study is based on the beat-to-beatExpand
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Henri Poincaré and the principle of relativity
Often considered as the last ‘encyclopedist’, Henri Poincaré died one hundred years ago. If he was a prominent man in 1900 French Society, his heritage is not so clearly recognised, particularly inExpand
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A useful canonical form for low dimensional attractors
Powerful computational techniques have been developed to study chaotic attractors that are generated by stretching and folding processes. These include relative rotation rates for determining theExpand
A genesis of special relativity
The genesis of special relativity is intimately related to the development of the theory of light propagation. When optical phenomena were described, there are typically two kinds of theories: (i)Expand