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Synthesis of isomeric fluoronitrobenzene-sulfonyl chlorides
Abstract The synthesis of five hitherto unknown isomeric fluoronitrobenzenesulfonyl chlorides is described. The compounds are prepared from difluoronitrobenzenes by a two-step procedure. In the firstExpand
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Imidazolium salts. Dissociation processes in N-phenacylimidazolium salts in nonaqueous media
The state of N-phenacylimidazolium salts with various anions (Cl/sup -/, Br/sup -/, No/sub 3//sup -/, ClO/sub 4//sup -/, B(C/sub 6/H/sub 5/)/sub 4//sup -/) in trideuteroacetonitrile was studied byExpand
Mãi mãi không thay đổi tấm lòng thiện cảm và tình hữu nghị giữa nhân dân Nga và Việt Nam
Phat biểu tại Học viện, ba V.I Matvienko Chủ tịch Hội đồng Lien bang Quốc hội Lien bang Nga (Thượng viện) bay tỏ niềm tự hao về sự ủng hộ, giup đỡ của Lien Xo đối với Việt Nam trong chiến tranh vaExpand
[Anterior epidurography with verographin].
Direct contrasting of the anterior epidural space with 9-10% verografin solution was conducted in 123 patients (120 with discogenic radiculitis, 2 with tumors, and 1 with injury to the spine). TheExpand
An automatic image analysis system for dielectric track detectors
The automatic image analysis system for scanning Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors is designed. Control of the entire system as well as data analysis is accomplished with the IBM PC AT/386 computerExpand
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