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Application of the Cell Method to the Statistical Thermodynamics of Solutions
The cell method for pure liquids in the form used by Lennard‐Jones and Devonshire is extended to solutions. It is assumed that (a) the constituents are spherical in shape, with an isotropic field ofExpand
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Application of the cell method to the statistical thermodynamics of solutions. II. Experimental
In connection with the theory of solutions proposed by Prigogine and Mathot [J. Chem. Phys. 20, 49 (1952)], total vapor pressures and volume changes on mixing have been measured for the systems:Expand
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Thermodynamic properties of the system argon-methane liquid
SummaryVapor pressure and volume changes on mixing of the system argon-methane have been measured at 86.74 °K (triple point of trifluoro-chloromethane) by a technique essentially similar to that usedExpand
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