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T-Duality: Topology Change from H-Flux
T-duality acts on circle bundles by exchanging the first Chern class with the fiberwise integral of the H-flux, as we motivate using E8 and also using S-duality. We present known and new examples
Twisted K-Theory and K-Theory of Bundle Gerbes
Abstract: In this note we introduce the notion of bundle gerbe K-theory and investigate the relation to twisted K-theory. We provide some examples. Possible applications of bundle gerbe K-theory to
T-Duality for Torus Bundles with H-Fluxes via Noncommutative Topology
It is known that the T-dual of a circle bundle with H-flux (given by a Neveu-Schwarz 3-form) is the T-dual circle bundle with dual H-flux. However, it is also known that torus bundles with H-flux do
T-duality for principal torus bundles
In this paper we study T-duality for principal torus bundles with H-flux. We identify a subset of fluxes which are T-dualizable, and compute both the dual torus bundle as well as the dual H-flux. We
L2-analytic torsion
Analytic torsion for twisted de Rham complexes
We dene analytic torsion (X;E; H) 2 det H (X;E; H) for the twisted de Rham complex, consisting of the spaces of dieren tial forms on a compact oriented Riemannian man- ifold X valued in a at vector
D-branes, B fields and twisted K theory
In this note we propose that D-brane charges, in the presence of a topologically non-trivial B-field, are classified by the K-theory of an infinite dimensional C*-algebra. In the case of B-fields
Nonassociative Tori and Applications to T-Duality
In this paper, we initiate the study of C*-algebras endowed with a twisted action of a locally compact abelian Lie group , and we construct a twisted crossed product , which is in general a