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[Some Italian research on the phenomenon of filicide].
In this work on the phenomenon of filicide, structured on the basis of the examination of hundreds of cases from 1880 to 2010, the five causes were taken into account: the altruistic filicide, theExpand
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White-line: a new finding in laryngopharyngeal reflux objective evaluation.
Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) indicates the reflux-induced extra-esophageal disorders. LPR and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occur by the same mechanism: the escape of gastric contents intoExpand
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Simulazione di malattia mentale
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Gesture Based Interface for Crime Scene Analysis: A Proposal
This paper presents a framework providing a collection of techniques to enhance reliability, accuracy and overall effectiveness of gesture-based interaction, applied to an interactive interpretation and evaluation of a crime scene in an augmented reality environment. Expand
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Il profilo criminologico
Questo e un libro veramente molto interessante che fornisce un’attenta analisi dell’evento criminoso alla luce dello studio della scena del crimine al fine di disegnare tempestivamente l’identikitExpand
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[Stalking: clinical and criminological considerations through the results of a research contribution].
Among the extensive results supplied by the psychiatric literature on the subject of stalking, few studies focus on the analysis of persecutory behaviors carried out against mental healthExpand
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[Murder. Italy-USA comparative profiles].
This paper, through illustrative cases of homicidal typologies, examines the generally accepted theories on the subject: 1) sociological ones by Lorenz to Sutherland and Cressey, by Berkowitz toExpand
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La violenza domestica assistita
Il problema della violenza domestica ha assunto oggi grande rilevanza, sia nel campo della ricerca scientifica che nel campo delle politiche sociali, dell’azione penale e della tutela legale delleExpand
Criminology and situational prevention
The present work brings to light a criminology and a preventative system from a less classic perspective, which does not aim to explain the criminal or the reasons why the act is committed, butExpand
[The investigative and adversarial process in Italy and the United States].
The structure of the US legal system, which relies on the presence of different courts to provide for the impartial administration of justice, both civil and criminal is discussed. Therefore, all theExpand