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Smartphones, publics, and OPR: Do publics want to engage?
Smartphones offer new opportunities for public-organization engagement. The current study focuses on the actual usage of smartphones, as well as users’ willingness to engage with organizations viaExpand
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Identity Prosthesis: Roles of Homeland Media in Sustaining Native Identity
This article focuses on the ways media texts produced in Israel constitute a vital part in the lives and identities of Jewish Israeli migrants in the United States. In this qualitative study,Expand
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Smartphones and young publics: A new challenge for public relations practice and relationship building
Abstract This study focuses on smartphones and their potential contribution to relationship building, between organizations and young publics. A survey among a representative sample of 550 young,Expand
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Fast dose fractionation using ultra-short laser accelerated proton pulses can increase cancer cell mortality, which relies on functional PARP1 protein
Radiotherapy is a cornerstone of cancer management. The improvement of spatial dose distribution in the tumor volume by minimizing the dose deposited in the healthy tissues have been a major concernExpand
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Fighting, worrying and sharing: Operation ‘Protective Edge’ as the first WhatsApp war
This study looks at the roles that WhatsApp, the popular smartphone application, played in the lives of Israeli citizens, who were exposed to war menaces during July 2014. During the war, WhatsAppExpand
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Trends in public and media agenda-setting during the 2015 Israeli elections
Abstract The emergence of new media, primarily social networks, raises questions about the interactions at play between ‘new’ and ‘old’ media in terms of the media and the public agendas. This topicExpand
Deliberative communication goes to college: the ‘Deliberation Forum’ project as a democratic agent of empowerment for communication students
A new field of research has developed over the last few decades, called ‘Deliberative Communication’. It focuses on the potential contribution of public deliberations to strengthening the foundationsExpand
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