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Mass and environment as drivers of galaxy evolution in SDSS and zCOSMOS and the origin of the Schechter function
We explore the simple inter-relationships between mass, star formation rate, and environment in the SDSS, zCOSMOS, and other deep surveys. We take a purely empirical approach in identifying thoseExpand
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COSMOS Photometric Redshifts with 30-bands for 2-deg2
We present accurate photometric redshifts in the 2-deg2 COSMOS field. The redshifts are computed with 30 broad, intermediate, and narrow bands covering the UV (GALEX), Visible-NIR (Subaru, CFHT,Expand
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X-shooter, the new wide band intermediate resolution spectrograph at the ESO Very Large Telescope
X-shooter is the first 2nd generation instrument of the ESO Very Large Telescope(VLT). It is a very efficient, single-target, intermediate-resolution spectrograph that was installed at the CassegrainExpand
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The Chandra Deep Field-South: Optical Spectroscopy. I.*
We present the results of our spectroscopic follow-up program of the X-ray sources detected in the 942 ks exposure of the Chandra Deep Field-South (CDFS). A total of 288 possible counterparts wereExpand
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Chandra Deep Field South: The 1 Ms Catalog
In this paper we present the source catalog obtained from a 942 ks exposure of the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS), using the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS-I) on the Chandra X-rayExpand
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X-ray spectral properties of active galactic nuclei in the Chandra deep field south
We present a detailed X-ray spectral analysis of the sources in the 1Ms catalog of the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS) taking advantage of optical spectroscopy and photometric redshifts for 321Expand
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We present source catalogs for the 4 Ms Chandra Deep Field-South (CDF-S), which is the deepest Chandra survey to date and covers an area of 464.5 arcmin2. We provide a main Chandra source catalog,Expand
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zCOSMOS: A Large VLT/VIMOS Redshift Survey Covering 0 < z < 3 in the COSMOS Field*
zCOSMOS is a large-redshift survey that is being undertaken in the COSMOS field using 600 hr of observation with the VIMOS spectrograph on the 8 m VLT. The survey is designed to characterize theExpand
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The Chandra Deep Field-South: The 1 Million Second Exposure*
We present the main results from our 940 ks observation of the Chandra Deep Field-South using the source catalog described in an accompanying paper by Giacconi et al. We extend the measurement ofExpand
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The Chandra Deep Field-South Survey: 2 Ms Source Catalogs
We present point-source catalogs for the ≈2 Ms exposure of the Chandra Deep Field-South (CDF-S); this is one of the two most sensitive X-ray surveys ever performed. The survey covers an area of ≈436Expand
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